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How much does it cost to file your resident US tax return?

At taxback.com, we believe that filing your US tax return shouldn't cost the earth. Our US Resident Tax Return Service starts at $200 + handling fee for a basic Federal tax return.

For more complex tax returns, we also offer a range of additional services. The price for each service is outlined in the table below.

Service Price (USD)
Basic US resident return
US Federal return that includes the basic form 1040 without additional schedules and forms. $200 + handling fee
Additional Schedules
Add Schedule A - Itemizing deductions for charitable contributions, casualty and theft losses, medical expenses , etc. $50
Add Schedule B - interest and dividends from more than four different sources. There is no charge if the interest and dividend income comes from four or fewer sources. $50
Schedule C - small business $150 each
Schedule D - capital gains - (with up to fourteen sales transactions; $5 per additional transaction) $100
Schedule E - partnership K-1 $150
Schedule E - a rental property US $150
Other federal forms
Amended return Form 1040X $200 + handling fee
FBAR and/or Form 8938 (with up to four different bank accounts. $25 per additional account) $50 each
International information reporting forms 5471, 8865, 8858, 3520, 926 etc. $500 each
State / city returns $36 each
Complex State / city returns $72 each
Multiple years discount
Multiple years discount – 20%, available where returns for 2 or more tax years are required.
This discount is applicable to the annual fees excluding any once off fees and administrative fee and does not apply where other discounts/reductions have been granted.