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Call for more Gardaí and Teachers in Budget 2016

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Cabinet ministers have called for a significant increase in the number of teachers and gardaí in Budget 2016.

Budget 2016 - Ministers are asking for more teachers and gardai

The Department of Education is asking for 900 teachers and the Department of Justice has asked for 500 more gardaí.

Next month’s budget package is expected to be around €1.5bn and divided equally between spending and tax cuts. Government sources have said that there is no scope to raise this amount despite a surge in demands from minsters.

The HSE has already asked for an increase of €2bn in funding. For now, we’ll just have to wait until 13th October to find out what’s in store.

Budget 2016 gives us all the opportunity to take a fresh look at our taxes. If you think you migt be due a tax refund, try using our tax calculator for a free estimate. 

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