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Has your IEC Visa and SIN expired? We're here to help!

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As a result of the current pandemic and the resulting lockdowns for many countries, many nonresidents wish to stay in Canada rather than return to their home country when their visa expires.

This has resulted in thousands of additional IEC visa and permanent residency applications.

If you have applied for a new visa or permanent residency, and you are now waiting for a decision to be made on your application, you will be on implied status, or a bridging visa.

When your original IEC visa expires, your SIN will become invalid as you no longer have a work permit.

This has caused concern for countless nonresidents across Canada who are now worried they will have difficulty when they are trying to file their taxes or apply for COVID-19 related benefits.

With this in mind, we have put together this guide to everything you need to know if your IEC visa or SIN have expired.

Can I file my taxes with an expired SIN?

Yes, you can file your taxes with an expired SIN.

When your IEC Visa expires, your work permit expires. As a result of this, you are no longer permitted to work in Canada.

Basically, your SIN will be invalid for work purposes, but you can still file your tax return with that SIN.

The Non-resident tax refund from Canada is $998


Will my SIN always be the same?

If you are re-issued with a new work permit ie. another IEC visa, your SIN becomes valid again and you can use the same SIN.

However, a new SIN will be issued when a non-resident gains permanent residency. So, if you were previously on an IEC visa and are awaiting the result of your residency application - you will be issued a new SIN if you are granted permanent residency. You can apply for your SIN here

Can I apply for CRB with an invalid SIN?

The Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) was introduced to provide income support to employed individuals who are affected by COVID-19.

Unfortunately, if you have an invalid SIN, you will not be eligible for the CRB. As your SIN is expired, you are no longer allowed to work in Canada and so you do not meet the criteria for receiving CRB.

You will need to wait until your new visa/work permit is granted so that you can apply to update your SIN. Once you have a valid SIN again, you will be able to apply for CRB, as long as you meet the other requirements for it.

Did you receive CERB?

If you received the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) last year, you will be required to pay tax on it.

When filing your tax return you will be expected to include the CERB payments as income you received throughout 2020.

The amount of tax you owe on your CERB payments will depend on your earnings in 2020 and the amount of CERB payments you received.

Contact our team of tax experts today to find out how much tax you need to pay. If you have a tax refund due, it is possible to offset the amount owed against your tax refund.

The Non-resident tax refund from Canada is $998


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