If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

Left New Zealand due to COVID? – Here’s how to claim your tax refund

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Did you have to leave New Zealand following the outbreak of COVID?

Let’s just say you weren’t the only one!

Thousands of working holidaymakers and non-residents alike had to return to their home countries following the beginning of the pandemic.

However, the good news is you may be due a significant NZ tax refund.

In fact, the average New Zealand refund a Taxback.com customer receives is $550!

It’s rather easy to get too, and in this guide we will outline exactly how you can claim your maximum tax refund.

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Do I have a tax-filing requirement in New Zealand?

Simply put, this depends on your person situation.

Most working holidaymakers in New Zealand have a tax filing requirement in their first year of being in the country.

If you have income from an overseas country, or arrived during the tax year (which runs from 1 April – 31 March) you will need to file tax returns.

The deadline for filing is 7 July.

How do I know how much I am due?

There’s no sure-fire way to know this.

However, by finding out the following, it will be easier to work out if you are due a refund.

  • How much income you received

  • The amount of time you worked in NZ

  • The type of work you carried out

  • The amount of tax that was withheld from your wages

I want to file my tax return – what do I need?

Thankfully, not much!

You will need a copy of your ID and a summary of your earnings (or final payslip).

To apply for your refund, you’ll need a copy of your ID and a summary of your earnings (or final payslip).

You’ll receive a summary of earnings from the New Zealand tax authorities when the tax year is concluding.

You’ll also find your final payslip attached to the last pay cheque that you received from your employer.

Both of these will outline your overall earnings and the amount of tax you paid during the tax year.

What happens if I do not file?

If you miss the 7 July deadline, you could incur a penalty fee from the New Zealand tax authorities, on top of anything you may owe to them.

If you do not file in time, but do not owe any tax and are applying for your refund, then there is no penalty for filing late!

However, a good rule of thumb is that it is always better to file, both because you may be owed a lot of money and you will also stay compliant with the authorities!

By filing your tax return with Taxback.com, you will receive your MAXIMUM tax refund!


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I’ve left New Zealand – can I still claim a tax refund?


Of course, it can sometimes be difficult to deal with different tax authorities, especially when you are dealing with them for the first time!

That’s just one of the many reasons why you should use Taxback.com to file your New Zealand tax return!

We take all the stress out of filing, and will even transfer any refund you are due to any bank account in the world!

Use our NZ tax calculator to find out how much tax refund you are due.

Get Your New Zealand Tax Refund!

Should I use Taxback.com to file my tax return?

You can always file your tax return by yourself either online or by post.

However, by applying with Taxback.com, the stress of having to do all of this yourself will be taken away from you!

The thought of filing taxes is stressful enough without having to deal with the tax system in a different country, so why not get help with filing yours?

And remember, our no-refund-no-fee service means you have nothing to lose by checking out how much you’re owed!


How to calculate your tax refund?

Simply use our FREE tax refund calculator for NZ today to find out how much tax refund you are due.

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