If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

Here's how to improve your colleagues' financial wellbeing

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Why you should add a financial wellbeing service into your employee wellbeing and benefits program

Over half of Irish workers worry about money regularly.

That's the key finding of the latest Taxback.com taxpayer sentiment survey.

In the survey, 54% of the more than 1,500 respondents stated that they worry about money on either a weekly or a monthly basis.

In recent years, it has been proven that mental health and financial security are intrinsically linked.

Financial stress can impact a person's mental wellbeing in a number of ways – from feelings of anger and frustration to having trouble sleeping and withdrawing from others.

Supporting the financial wellbeing of your employees will have a positive impact on both your employees and your business.

Incorporating financial support initiatives into your company's wellbeing programme is key to enhancing your employees' financial and mental wellbeing.

At Taxback.com, we have developed a financial support initiative which enables proactive employers to enhance their employees' financial wellbeing.

Promoting financial wellbeing through your suite of employee benefits

Recognising and alleviating financial stress for your employees will in turn result in greater job performance, improved productivity and happier employees!

At Taxback.com, our first priority is to save money for our clients. We want to help them claim back any money they are entitled to and claiming a tax refund can be a massive boost to any worker.

In fact, our average Irish tax refund is €1,880 so it's easy to see why claiming what you're owed makes so much sense.

Taxback.com partners with employers, like you, to extend our tax refund services to your employees. Through our service, your colleagues can easily apply for their tax back in Ireland

Our team of tax experts prepare and submit a tax return for your employees, ensuring that they receive their maximum legal refund.

We will also host a customized virtual tax clinic for your employees, detailing their tax filing obligations and what tax reliefs they may be entitled to.

How to Enhance the Financial Wellbeing of your Employees

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Why partner with Taxback.com?

By partnering with Taxback.com, you will gain access to a wealth of advice and expertise to help you help your employees. Your colleagues will receive expert advice so they can take control of their taxes.

From the outset, we will agree on appropriate tailored Taxback.com services to suit the needs of your employees.

We will provide an individual service to each of your employees that register through your dedicated portal.

  • Partner with a trusted global tax specialist
  • Customised content for your communications
  • Exclusive discounts for your employees
  • Improved morale and wellbeing amongst your employees
  • Dedicated tax clinics
  • Secure online tracking system
  • Access to content suite
  • Multi-lingual support
  • You will receive regular detailed and transparent reports from your dedicated account manager.


How to Enhance the Financial Wellbeing of your Employees

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How it works

Promote – You promote our tax review services to your employees.

Dedicated portal – We create a dedicated portal for you to share with your employees. Here your employees can learn more about our service and register for their tax review.

Customised virtual tax clinics – we will provide free virtual tax sessions which outline the tax reliefs available to Irish workers and advise on how to claim a tax rebate on them.

Four-year tax review – Offering expert advice on claiming available expenses and due credits, once the employee registers with us, we complete a 4 year review of their taxes. A Personal Tax Advisor will ensure they are claiming every tax relief and entitlement they're due, including medical and dental expenses, working from home expenses and year of marriage tax relief.

Filing with Revenue – Your employee will never have to deal with any complicated tax paperwork. We submit the tax return on behalf of the employee.

Refund delivered via bank transfer – If your employee is entitled to a tax refund, we will transfer their money owed straight to their bank account.


Book a free demonstration of our financial wellbeing service

Taxback.com will work with your colleagues to ensure they claim every tax relief they are due. Contact our team to discuss how we can help make a positive impact on your employees' financial wellbeing.

Alternatively, you can learn more about our financial wellbeing service here.



Key findings from Taxback.com Taxpayer Sentiment Survey

  • 54% of workers worry about money on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • 84% of workers would like their employer to offer greater supports on their financial and tax affairs.
  • 85% of Irish workers believe that the additional benefits that a company provides (such as supports on health and wellbeing, financial advice supports etc.) are an important factor when choosing a potential employer.
  • 2/3 of Irish taxpayers do not claim the tax reliefs and refunds they are owed
  • 70% if Irish workers don't claim tax back on their medical expenses each year
  • 35% of Irish workers have no idea how much tax they pay

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