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Am I Entitled to Flat Rate Expenses?


Last updated on 11/01/2021

Flat Rate Expenses – many people in Ireland are entitled to them but not a lot of people know what they are. This means that thousands of euro in Flat Rate Expense tax credits go unclaimed every year.

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What is a Flat Rate Expense?

Who is entitled to Flat Rate Expenses?

How much can I claim back on Flat Rate Expenses?

How do I claim a Flat Rate Expense?

Am I entitled to flat rate expenses? 

In short, this will depend on your occupation. You can check out the chart below to see if you meet the criteria for receiving a flat rate expense. 

What is a Flat Rate Expense?

A Flat Rate Expense is a type of tax relief or tax credit that is available to people in certain occupations. The intention of Flat Rate Expenses is to help with costs associated with work, for instance, uniforms, tools and equipment. There is a set amount allocated to each occupation - hence the name 'flat rate' expense.

So, for example, the lowest Flat Rate Expense is €64 for cabin crew and the highest Flat Rate Expense is €2,476 for members of the RTE National Symphony Orchestra and RTE Concert Orchestra.

If you’re a dentist in employment you will be entitled to a €376 Flat Rate Expense per year from 2016-2020 (this is because the Flat Rate Expenses have remained the same since 2015).

Wondering if what you earn affects what you’re entitled to? Nope, it doesn’t. You see, if you’re a barman who pulls pints of Guinness all day in a small pub in Longford or you’re a specially trained mixologist in one of Dublin's fanciest bars, either way, you're entitled to the Flat Rate Expense of €93.

Want to Get What You're Owed?

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How do I claim Flat Rate Expenses?

If your employer already has the correct tax information from Revenue and your tax credit certificate contains the right info, you’ll automatically receive your Flat Rate Expense but more often than not, you will have to file a Form 12 and submit it to Revenue to let them know that you’re in a position to claim Flat Rate Expenses.

Flat Rate Expenses are one of the single most ‘claimable’ expenses out there, so it’s certainly worth checking if you’re entitled to this relief.

You don't automatically get the flat rate expenses deduction, so you have to claim it. Once you confirm you are in a type of qualifying employment, you can claim it, and just like medical expenses, you can go back 4 years!

Want some help? Taxback.com will review your finances and work situation for the last four years and we can help you claim any money you’re owed from this tax credit.

Here's the full list of Flat Rate Expenses:

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