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Have You Heard Of An Extra $1000 For Your US Tax Refund?

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If you've been to the US on a J1 visa, then you should file a tax return to comply with US law and claim back any overpaid tax. You should be aware however, that there is an extra $1000 that you should NOT claim.

If your friends say that you can get an extra $1000 as part of your US tax refund, then this is incorrect. This is known as the American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC) and you should not claim it.


If anyone has told you that you can get this credit as a ‘$1000 bonus’, this is false.

As a non-resident J1 student, it is ILLEGAL for you to claim this.

Many students don’t understand the risk involved and try to claim more money than they are legally due back.

The tax credits commonly being used to do this are only for US residents who are studying in the US. If you file your tax return illegally and are audited by the IRS, you will not only owe this money back to the IRS but you will be fined and it may affect future US visa applications.

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And remember, even if your friends tell you that you can claim that extra $1000, be aware that as a non-resident J1 student, it is illegal to do so.

The average US tax back we get for J1 students is $800


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