If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

How do I know if I am due a 2021 Irish tax refund?

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It’s that time again!

With Revenue getting ready to process Irish workers’ 2021 tax returns, many people have been left mulling over whether or not they are owed tax.

Tens of thousands of euros are lost to the taxman each year due to people not knowing what they are entitled to claim Irish tax rebates for!

That’s why we always recommend checking out what you are owed.

We’ve created this blog to outline some of the things you might be able to claim tax relief on!

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What can I claim tax relief on?

You are able to claim tax relief on a wide range of different expenses, all unique to your personal situation. Here are some of these:

Medical bills 

Tax relief is available on medical bills at a standard rate of 20%.

Medical expenses cover such procedures as: doctor and consultant fees, prescriptions, ambulances, physiotherapy, and diagnostic procedures.

And did you know that the average Irish family spends €2,600 a year on medical bills, while only four in ten Irish people claim tax relief on their medical bills each year.

As you can imagine, that amounts to quite a lot of money!

Let’s say you spent €500 euro on medical bills in 2021 – that means you will be able to claim €120 on medical bills alone!

That’s an awful lot of cash to leave behind.

It is vitally important you keep receipts handy for everything that you plan to claim back on, as they may be needed if you are selected for an audit.

Tuition fees 

Did you or a loved one pay for tuition fees last year?

You may be owed tax back!

The person who pays for third-level courses can claim tax relief on the costs of eligible education courses.

As well as this, if you or your parents/any other loved one are paying for more than one child to go to college, there is no limit on the number of individuals for whom they can claim!

To find out more check out our How to claim tax back on your college fees Blog.

Paid medical bills?

Claim your tax back!

Frontline workers 

From nurses to delivery drivers and shop assistants, frontline workers have been the unsung heroes of 2020 and 2021, and for many years before!

Do you or someone you know work as a frontline worker? What better way to reward yourself than with a portion of your hard-earned tax back!

Many frontline workers are entitled to flat rate expenses.

This is to help with costs associated with your specific job, such as uniforms, tools and equipment. Whether you are entitled to flat rate expenses and how much you can claim back depends on your occupation.

That’s why we’ve created a full list of flat rate expenses, which can be found here – where you can check out what flat rate expenses you are entitled to tax relief on.

As well as this, you can check out our no-nonsense guide here for PAYE workers in Ireland.

In it, we outline a wide range of tax credits and reliefs, which can be found in section four and five of the table of contents.

You could be able to claim expenses for face masks, for more details check our blog.


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I worked from home in 2021, am I due tax back?

Countless Irish workers were forced to work from home following the coronavirus outbreak early last year.

This raised a lot of questions surrounding what exactly can and can’t be claimed as a tax relief when working from your home.

Well, search no more! Here are some of the things you can claim tax relief on if you worked from home last year:

E-workers refund

E-working is the name given to a substantial amount of time that someone is working outside their normal place of work.

So, if you work from home either full or part time, you may be eligible for tax relief!

And don’t worry if you spend some time at your office, you may still be entitled to claim if your working week is split between the two.

However, if you work 9-5, it’s important to note you cannot claim back on any work done outside of these hours.

Employers can choose to pay €3.20 tax-free a day to their employee to cover the costs of working from their home. You should know that it is not a legal obligation for employers to make this payment.

If your employer doesn’t cover the allowance, you can claim the expenses yourself:

Heating & electricity 

You are entitled to claim 10% of the total cost of electricity and heat bills, based on the number of days worked from home over the year.


You are also entitled to claim 30% of the cost of your broadband bills, based on the number of days worked from home over the year.

Just like with medical documents and other expenses, if you work from home and intend to apply for tax relief, it is vital that you have receipts for each expense you intend to claim for.

As well as this, a letter from your employer outlining that you work from home may also be necessary.

To find out more check out our Hot to claim e-worker tax relief Blog.

How to get your tax back in Ireland 

This is the tricky part!

To do this, you will need to navigate through some pages and questions related specifically to your own situation, and the process can take a while to do. In the past there was the P60 form which is no longer in use, so what are the options? 

Thousands of Irish workers chose to file their tax return with Taxback.com’s experienced tax agents every year!

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As well as this - if you were in receipt of TWSS and PUP, you may have a tax underpayment for 2021 tax year. Taxback.com can help you claim every relief you're due so that you can reduce your tax bill. You may even still be due a tax refund!

We will deal with all the tricky and boring paperwork and more importantly ensure you avail of every relief you’re entitled to, maximising your Irish tax rebates!


How much tax am I owed?

Taxback.com’s average Irish tax refund is €1,880 so it’s undoubtedly worth claiming back the tax rebate that you’re owed!

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