If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

Are you working on the Frontline? Here's 4 ways you can claim your tax back today!

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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all been relying on frontline workers to keep essential services running. From the nurses and doctors in our hospitals to our local corner shop assistants and even the delivery drivers who have been supporting our new-found online shopping addiction and transporting our purchases straight to our door! We can't thank you all enough!

The good news is that, if you're a frontline worker, you may be due a significant tax rebate!

Our average customer claims back €1,880 and in this guide we will outline some of the most common types of tax relief that you may be entitled to!

Don't leave your money in the tax man's pocket. Here's four ways to claim your maximum Irish tax refund!


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1. Flat rate expenses for frontline workers


The intention of Flat Rate Expenses is to help with costs associated with work, like uniforms, tools and equipment. Whether you are entitled to flat rate expenses will depend on what your occupation is.

The good news is that frontline workers such as nurses, doctors, local authority staff, pharmacists, phlebotomists, shop assistants etc. are entitled to flat rate expenses.

We have detailed the full list of occupations that qualify for flat rate expenses here – so be sure to check that out and see what flat rate expenses you are entitled to claim tax relief on.

For example, a pharmacist is entitled to €400 worth of flat rate expenses each year, for the past four years. They are entitled to claim tax relief up to 40% on these expenses, depending on the taxpayer's personal circumstances. So, they could be entitled to €160 for each of the past four years!


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2. Tuition Fees

If you paid for tuition fees, for yourself or someone else, in the past four years, you may be entitled to claim tax relief on the expense incurred.

You may be eligible to claim as much as 20% tax back on the tuition fees you have paid, for undergraduate or postgraduate courses. However, there is a limit of €7,000 per course, on which you can claim relief.

Find out more about the relief available on tuition fees here.


3. Medical expenses


Only 4 in 10 Irish people claim tax relief on the cost of their medical expenses. The average Irish family spends €2,600 on medical and dental expenses each year - a sum of money that definitely warrants claiming a tax refund for!

"What kind of medical expenses can I claim?" I hear you ask.

Well, first of all, you are entitled to 20% tax relief on your doctor and consultant fees. That's €12 for every €60 you pay in GP fees – so it easily adds up if you visit the GP a couple of times a year. You are also entitled to claim for relief on your prescriptions.

If there's any new mum's reading, you can claim back tax relief on the cost of all standard maternity care, provided they have not been reimbursed or covered by medical insurance or medical cards.

Please check out our medical expenses guide to see what other medical expenses you are eligible to claim. You can also check out our medical expenses tax relief calculator to find out how much tax back you are owed.


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4. Year of marriage


If you have walked down the aisle in the last four years, you may be entitled to year of marriage relief.

In the year you're married, both you and your spouse will continue to be treated as single people for tax purposes. Refunds are typically granted the following year – so if you get married in 2021 for example, your refund will be calculated after 31 December, 2021.

In a nutshell, you can potentially make a saving with the year of marriage relief if:

  • Both you and your spouse are working but only one of you pay tax at the higher rate
  • Both you are your spouse are working and one spouse has unused credits due to low income
  • Only one spouse is working
  • One spouse cares for children in the home
  • You are disposing of assets or making investments


To find out everything you need to know about the tax benefits you can avail of when married, check out our marriage and tax blog here.


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The average Irish tax refund is €1,880


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