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Irish PAYE Refunds (Infographic)


Check out our infographic to see exactly what Irish PAYE workers have been claiming back on their taxes!

At Taxback.com we've processed thousands of tax refunds for PAYE workers over the years and in general, we find that a lot of workers don't realise exactly what they're entitled to. 

So who is claiming tax back and what are they claiming? Check out our stats in the infographic below to get an insight into PAYE refunds in Ireland:


As we can see, flat rate expenses is one of the top areas for claiming.  Flat rate allowances are a type of tax relief for people working in specific trades and professions. The amount that can be claimed ultimately depends on what type of job it is. These types of deductions are also available to teachers, doctors, engineers, plumbers, journalists, waiters, porters and even flight crew!

Medical expenses are also a great source of tax relief and you can claim 20% on the cost of your health expenses so it's important to keep all your receipts for consultant fees, prescriptions and non-routine dental expenses.

Other reliefs you may be entitled to include the Marriage Tax Credit, Rent Relief for your accommodation, and Split Year Relief if you left or arrived in Ireland during the tax year.

To find out what YOU could be owed, get a free estimate of your tax refund using our online tax calculator here. 

The average Irish tax refund is €1,880


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