If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

Is Taxback.com safe?


Who should I use to file my tax return and can I trust Taxback.com?

So you want to claim your tax refund.

But you don't know where to begin.

You know you can always apply yourself with the tax office.

However, tax is complicated and confusing. And how can you be sure you're availing of every credit and relief you're entitled to? Plus, what happens if you make a mistake on your tax return?

Instead, you decide you want to enlist the help of a professional.

But with so many tax agents out there offering a range of different services how can you tell which company is the right one for you?

And how can you be sure that the tax company you choose is safe, trustworthy and not a scam?

Here's some things to look out for while you're choosing your tax agent (and a few reasons you know you can trust Taxback.com!)

(1) We've been doing this for a while

Over 20 years, in fact!

Believe it or not, Taxback.com began at a kitchen table when a young Irish guy started preparing German tax returns for his university friends.

Terry Clune had spent a summer working in Germany and wanted to reclaim the German tax he and his friends had overpaid. But he found the process to be frustrating and difficult. So he took matters into his own hands and did it himself!

Since then, the company has grown quickly. Today we're the global leader in international income tax refund services – our tax team have filed more than 1 million tax returns! We have offices in 27 countries worldwide and a staff of 1,300.

(2) What we believe

Every year thousands of people overpay on their tax bill and miss out on claiming their tax refund.

We believe that no one should overpay tax.

Simply put, people wind up paying too much tax because they don't understand their entitlements.

That's why we're dedicated to educating the public about their rights and entitlements when it comes to tax.

With this in mind, we've released multiple BS-free tax guides:


(In fact, our content has even won the NALA Plain English Award in Ireland)

We also have a Youtube channel with nearly 200 videos about tax.

When you apply for a tax refund with Taxback.com, you're guaranteed to receive your maximum legal tax refund.

Our ISO 9001 certified team of tax experts are dedicated to helping you file fully compliant tax returns and ensuring you claim back any overpaid tax, guaranteeing peace of mind and more money in your pocket!

(3) We're ISO 9001 Certified!

ISO 9001 is probably the most widely recognised quality management system standard in the world.

Our ISO 9001 certification is an external validation of our strong commitment to quality, our customers, partners and staff. The certification also gives you, the customer, the peace of mind that we are committed to providing a secure, quality service set out to the highest standards.

We have also been awarded the ISO 27001 Information Security standard - the international best practice standard for information security.

If you're considering which tax agent is the right one for you, have a look for the ISO certification logo on their website!

(4) Get a FREE refund estimate!

Our service is 'no refund, no fee'.

And one of the main benefits of choosing Taxback.com is that our tax refund calculator is absolutely FREE to use.

When you use our calculator, you'll get an estimate of what you're entitled to claim. Then, if you're happy with what you see, you can proceed and claim your cash!

Our estimate is based on your documents and our experience in filing thousands of tax returns each week. We'll check for any allowances or benefits you're due and ensure we apply for the maximum legal refund possible.

As you can see below, it's definitely worth calculating what you're owed.

The average tax refund that Taxback.com customers receive are:


Get your free tax refund estimate here.

(5) We're transparent

Once you send us your documents and signed forms, we'll let you know exactly how much it will cost to proceed.

You can see a full breakdown of our fees here.

Our fee covers:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Multi-lingual online tracking service
  • Free phone/fax
  • Local team of staff
  • Tax technicians
  • Researchers
  • Quality Assurance team


(6) Our service is convenient

How are cheques still a thing in 2019?

I mean seriously?!

Some tax agents send tax refunds to their customers as a cheque in the post. So, when you get it, you have to take time out of your day to walk to the bank and cash it!


But when you apply for your tax refund with Taxback.com, not only will you receive your maximum legal tax refund, we'll also transfer your cash straight to your bank account.

(7) Come and say hello!

We're based in Ireland, with two offices in Dublin and Kilkenny.

Or if you have got any tax questions or concerns regarding your tax refund or our service, why not contact our team by (free)phoning 1800 99 18 05. Alternatively, if you would prefer to contact us online, our live chat facility operates 24/7.

(8) But don't just take our word for it. Check out our reviews!

Ultimately, it doesn't matter how many times a company tells you how good it is! Why not take a look at our testimonials and reviews and hear from our customers instead?

And, if you'd like to let us know your thoughts on our service, you can do so by emailing customerrelations@taxback.com.

We value all comments, as they all provide an important way for us to review the quality of our service.

Why choose Taxback.com?

  • Your maximum tax refund guaranteed – our ACCA certified accountants will check for all credits, expenses, and reliefs

  • We do the paperwork – you get the refund!

  • Experience tax agent – we've been doing this for more than 20 years! You'll have access to a team of experts who have already processed over ½ a billion euro in refunds (and counting!)

  • Keep up-to-speed – online updates on your refund

  • No refund, no fee! – FREE, no-obligation estimate before you apply

  • Got questions? – contact our team 24/7 via live chat

  • Safe & secure service – we're ISO 9001 certified


Get your tax back here!

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