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Key Belgian Tax Dates Explained


Here we list the most important Belgian tax dates that every non-resident, expat, self-employed, or a resident taxpayer needs to know.

Getting to grips with Belgian taxes can make all the difference come tax season.

By familiarising yourself with the basics of tax rules in Belgium, you will be in a better position to file taxes properly.

In this blog post, we'll guide you through the essential tax dates in Belgium, explain their significance, and provide insights into the Belgian tax system!

Key Belgian Tax Dates in Calendar Year Order:

1 January 2023

The Belgium tax year begins. 


11 April: First Quarterly Preayment

Prepayments should be made quarterly, the first deadline being the 11 Apri

Prepayments contribute to your overall tax liability and help you maintain your tax compliance.


30 June: Tax Deadline for Residents

The deadline for residents to submit their paper tax return is 30 June.

This is different to the deadline for non-residents to submit their tax return, which is 24 November 2023 (both online and paper).

10 July: Second Quartely Prepayment Deadline

If required, a prepayment is due by 10 July to avoid underpayment penalties. 

15 July: Deadline for Filing Online Tax Returns

The deadline for online filing for residents is 15 July 2023 unless you have other specific types of income (like win or profit, employment income from abroad, remuneration as company manager and/or remuneration as assisting spouses (legal cohabitants), then it's the 18th October 2023.

Online filing offers two benefits: it is a much more streamlined approach, as well as allowing extra time allowance than paper returns! 

Taxback can help you file your Belgian tax return correctly and timely!

For efficient processing and to avoid any potential fines or penalties for late-filing, make sure to submit your tax returns accurately by this date.

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10 October: Third Quartely Prepayment Deadline

If required, the third prepayment is due by 10 October.

Sorting your prepayment prior to these dates are advised to ensure you avoid last-minute stress.

18 October: Deadline for Filing Tax Returns for Self-Employed Individuals

If you are self-employed, you will need to submit your tax return by 18 October.

This includes reporting income, expenses, and deductions relevant to your self-employment.


20 December: Final Quarterly Prepayment Deadline

The final prepayment date for the Belgian tax year.

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What is Belgian Tax Reform 2023?

In March 2023, the Belgian Minister of Finance announced a tax reform plan that will affect tax-paying citizens in Belgium.

The goal of this new reform is to encourage more people to work by reducing the amount of tax paid on income from labour and moving that burden to wealth and consumption taxes.

There are three main aspects of the reform announcements:

  • lowering personal income tax on employment income by adjusting the personal income tax rate brackets and highering the tax-free amount

  • highering the level of neutrality of the tax position of families through a reform of the tax treatment of alimony payments

  • harmonising of benefits in kind along with social security

Essentially, one of the cornerstones of the reform is to reduce the tax burden on labor income.

This is to incentivise the working population in Belgium.

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What is the Tax Rule in Belgium?

Belgium employs a progressive tax system, meaning that individuals with higher incomes pay higher rates of tax. 

The tax rates range from approximately 25% to 50% of your income, depending on your earnings. 

Additionally, various deductions, credits, and exemptions can impact your final tax liability. 

Belgium residents get taxed on their worldwide income, irrespective of their nationality. 

Meanwhile, non-residents only get taxed on Belgian-source income. 

It's crucial to understand how these rules apply to your specific situation.


What is the Withholding Tax in Belgium?

Belgium has a withholding tax system on nearly all types of income, including salaries, pensions, and dividends. 

This means that the payer deducts the tax before making the payment. 

Understanding these withholding tax rates and rules is essential, as they will impact how much income you take home.

What is the 30% Tax Rule in Belgium?

The 30% tax rule is designed to attract skilled workers and researchers to Belgium. 

Essentially, you will receive a higher tax free allowance of up to 30% up to a maximum of €90,000.

If you meet the criteria, you may benefit from a reduced tax rate of 30% on your gross employment income. 

This can significantly impact your overall tax liability and should be considered if you meet the eligibility criteria.

How Do I File Taxes in Belgium?

Filing taxes in Belgium typically involves two methods: paper filing and online filing. 

Ensure you accurately report your income, deductions, and any applicable tax credits to avoid penalties. 

The online filing option offers convenience and allows you to review your submission before finalizing it.


The average Belgian tax refund is €2,300!



FIling with a tax expert like Taxback ensures you are fully compliant with all the tax rules in Belgium.

When you file with Taxback, you will ensure:


  • You are fully tax compliant with the Belgian tax authorities 

  • You receive the maximum taxrefund you are due

  • Your taxes are prepared in a stress-free and timely manner


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