If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

New Flat Rate Deduction for Defence Forces


A new flate rate deduction of €150 per year is available to personnel in the Irish defence forces.

So this means if you work for the defence forces in Ireland, you could reduce your taxable income by €150 per year.

This goes for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and going forward.

Sooo...if you work for the defence forces, then you shoud contact or apply with Taxback.com here.

Flat rate expenses are a type of tax relief for PAYE workers in specific trades and professions and if you have a job in one of these areas, you can reduce the amount of tax you pay each year by the designated amount.


Am I entitled to flat rate expenses? How much can I claim?

The amount you can claim really depends on what job you have because the rates are set by Revenue each year for various classes of employee.

So for example, if you’re a teacher, you get €518 in flat rate expenses per year.

If you’re in the bar trade, €93 per annum.

If you’re a nurse supplying and paying for cleaning your own uniform, you can claim a deduction of €733.

These deductions are also available to engineers, plumbers, doctors, journalists, teachers, waiters, porters and even members of the RTE Symphony Orchestra who can claim up to a whopping €2476!

And now members of the defence forces can claim up to €150 per year. 

You don't automatically get the flat rate expenses deduction, so you have to claim them. 

Once you confirm you're in the qualifying employment, you can claim it, and just like medical expenses, you can go back 4 years for a refund of the expenses!

Here is the full list of expenses:

It's clear that many of us are missing out on reliefs and credits, resulting in an overpayment of tax, simply because we don't realise that we are owed this money! One of the easiest ways to find out exactly what you're owed from the last 4 years is to apply for a free, no-obligation refund estimate from our team at Taxback.com. 

The average tax refund for PAYE workers in Ireland is now €1,880.


Remember, other than flat rate expenses, you may be due tax back also if:

  • You work full or part-time in Ireland


  • You changed jobs during the tax year


  • You left or arrived in Ireland during the tax year


  • You pay for your own health and insurance expenses



  • You were made redundant


  • Your circumstance changed, e.g. you got married


  • You or your spouse/civil partner work in the home with children or other dependend relative


  • You have special dietary requirements



How can I claim flat rate expenses?

You can claim your flat rate expenses by filing your tax return with Revenue. At Taxback.com we can prepare and file your tax return for you! Apply with Taxback.com here to get a no-obligation estimate of any flat rate expenses or other refunds you may be due. 



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