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Tax Returns in Relation to your Rental Income


Do you have rental income in Ireland? You need to file a self-assessed tax return but Taxback.com can help!

Not many Irish workers are aware of their tax obligations when it comes to rental income.

This can lead to trouble with Revenue as they end up not being tax compliant with the tax authorities.

Check out our blog with all you need to know about your tax obligations for rental income!

Declaring rental income

If you receive income from renting out a property or part of your private residence in Ireland you need to file an Irish tax return and declare all your income to the Revenue Commissioners – even if you're not living in Ireland.

Taxback.com can file your rental income tax return and help you control your tax liability through deductible related-costs such as:

  • Property management fees 
  • Interest on mortgage
  • Maintenance fees
  • Wear & tear
  • Insurance payments
  • Investment in contents (e.g. new floors)
  • PRTB registration fee and much more.


Reducing your tax liability as a landlord

As a landlord, there are numerous ways in which you can reduce your tax liability.

In fact, there are several expenditures available for you to claim against your total rental income that will reduce your tax bill.

These include:

  • Costs of some maintenance services (painting, cleaning, etc.)
  • Premiums on insurance
  • Repairs
  • RTB registration fees
  • Fees towards management, legal or accountancy services
  • Advertising fees

It's also possible to claim wear & tear expenses on the cost of buying furniture as well as white goods for your property. This is available for up to eight years at a rate of 12.5% of the cost per year.

Filing your tax return

You are legally obliged to file a self-assessed tax return to declare your rental income. We will check if your tax liability can be reduced and ensure you avail of any applicable reliefs. For example the wear and tear allowance is available for the cost of items to furnish your property.

In response to landlords paying over a lot of money to accountants to file their tax returns, we created a dedicated, cost-effective service tailored to the needs of those with rental income. 

You can get started on your tax return here and we will do all the paperwork!

If you've just entered the rental income market, you can read about all the basics of landlord expenses here.

How can Taxback.com help me?

Own a rental property in Ireland? You will need to file an annual self-assessed tax return with Revenue - it's the law! Our dedicated landlord tax return service will provide you with your own Account Manager and make sure you are 100% tax compliant with Revenue.

We will also check if you are you have any applicable relief you can apply for.

Get started today!

We have a dedicated tax return service for landlords


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