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Taxback.com and Connect Ireland raise money for Debra Ireland

Debra Race 9th March

On March 9th, members of the taxback.com and Connect Ireland jointly sponsored a 10K race in the Wicklow Mountains to raise money for Debra Ireland. Debra Ireland is a charity which drives research into treatments for epidermolysis bullosa – a painful and debilitating skin condition – in addition to supporting those living with EB and their families. A total of 600 people took part in the race to raise money for Debra, one of whom was Richie Huggard of our sister company ConnectIreland. Despite the chilly weather and rough terrain, Richie said that the race was really enjoyable, ‘one of the best runs of the year.’ €50,000 was raised on the day, €5,000 of which was jointly donated by taxback.com and ConnectIreland.

The money raised will go towards helping Debra Ireland in their ongoing mission to find a cure for EB and help those who have it. You can find out more about EB on the Debra Ireland website where you can also find out about their upcoming fundraising events or donate directly to the charity. We’re delighted to be able to support Debra Ireland and hope we can continue supporting this wonderful charity in the future.