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Taxback.com Partners with Airbnb


We’re delighted to announce a new partnership with the world’s leading community driven hospitality company, Airbnb. Taxback.com is now the preferred tax partner for Irish Airbnb hosts and will provide a 10% discount on filing charges for hosts that use Taxback.com.

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 Speaking at the Airbnb host ‘Oscailte’ event on Saturday at which the partnership was announced, our Senior Tax Partner Barry Flanagan said: “This is an exciting development for us at Taxback.com – Airbnb is an innovative and rapidly expanding company so we are enthused at the prospect of working with a company that has the same drive and ethos as our own.

 “The partnership was really a natural progression for us and came on the back of confusion last year as to the tax responsibilities of hosts. In response to this we streamlined our process to make it as easy as possible for people to fulfil their tax obligations, but we also coupled it with an opportunity for people to find out whether conversely they were owed something from Revenue. Our average PAYE refund for someone with no prior claims currently comes in at around €1,880 and so some hosts may actually be able to offset any tax due with the amount they receive in refunds.”

10% Discount for Irish Airbnb Hosts

 The partnership will see Airbnb refer every host that signs up with them to Taxback.com where hosts will get a discount of approximately 10% on the standard filing fees for one employment income/ P60 return and 1 host rental income return. As it currently stands, anyone who rents out their room or property through Airbnb is obliged to declare their Airbnb income on an annual tax return, e.g. Form 11 or Form 12 (unless coded into their Tax Credit Certificate).

 Barry went on to comment, “There are currently over 11,000 Airbnb listings in Ireland which means that all of these people now have to report this income to Revenue – even if they are PAYE workers. Many of these people are not accustomed to having to file a tax return and don’t know where to start. The tax liabilities can range from just a few Euro to possibly significant sums – depending on the value of the rental and how often it’s let etc.”

Are you an Airbnb host in Ireland? If so, we’re here to help. Click here to learn more about our partnership with Airbnb. We can answer your tax questions and make sure you’re 100% compliant with Revenue.



Considering signing up to Airbnb?

Got some extra space? People near you are renting their homes and rooms on Airbnb. Learn more about our partnership with Airbnb here.

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