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The Top Ten Budget 2016 Rumours so far

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On the eve of Budget 2016, there are rumours and ruminations aplenty. So what have we heard so far?

Minister Noonan said that there will be 'plenty of good things' in tomorrow's Budget so there's hope in the air. We could all do with a reduction in our taxes to fatten up our payslips a bit. Check out our list of top ten Budget 2016 rumours below.

  1. Universal Social Charge (USC) will be cut by at least 1%.
  2. Income tax rates will be reduced.
  3. Childcare benefit will be increased.
  4. Inheritance tax will be reduced.
  5. Additional tax relief for farmers and self-employed people will be introduced.
  6. The social welfare Christmas bonus will be increased.
  7. Cigarettes will cost an extra 50 cent.
  8. The pension levy will be scrapped.
  9. Respite care will be reinstated.
  10. Alcohol excise will remain the same.


We'll bring you all the news as it unfolds tomorrow on our Twitter feed, Facebook and of course here on the blog. Keep an eye out for our Budget 2016 video on YouTube also which will sum up all the changes.

The average Irish tax refund is €1,880


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