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Top 10 Travel Essentials

These top ten travel essentials will make your trip feel like your home away from home!

Travelling the world will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, but knowing what to bring for it can be a nightmare. These top ten travel essentials will make your prep and trip much easier!


1. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are the ultimate travel organiser. Leaving the comfort of your wardrobe can be daunting but these will make your backpacker life easy. Sort your tops from your bottoms, your swimwear from underwear. Although there may not be a lot of organisation in your life while travelling, this can be the one thing you can rely on. With sets of three, six, or nine packs you can pick up as many as you want!


2. Portable Power Source

When you’re miles away from the nearest power source or can’t pluck up the courage to ask the shop assistant if they have a plug you can use, fear not! Because you can have your very own plug power source which can charge most of your electrical items, suddenly making your life a whole lot easier.

Most hostels won’t give you the luxury of your own plug socket but that doesn’t matter as you’ll have your own power source! Your phone charge will now never be below 100%, so there will be no excuses for not replying to your mother!


3. World Adapter

Unfortunately, not every country will have the same plug socket as yours. So country hopping may seem fun at the time but carrying around a load of compatible sockets isn’t. With a world travel adapter, no matter where you go you can use your electrical items without worry. Just check on the back of the packaging; if it fits every socket of the world then you’re good to go.

4. Earplugs

Earplugs are an essential item to block out the snorers, midnight gigglers, and drunken stumblers you’ll unearth in your dorm room. With a good pair of earplugs you’ll get the beauty sleep you deserve, making your stay much more comfortable rather than the 2* cockroach infested place that it more than likely is. They will surely become your favourite travelling buddy.


5. Travel Towel

We always forget that we need two towels for our round the world trip; one for the beach and one to keep us clean. The micro-towel was invented for this very problem. Its lightweight material and drying ability makes for an amazing low maintenance towel which can fit in the spare dark holes of your backpack. It will dry you in minutes and keep you clean and sand free.


6. Padlock with a combination

Okay, so a padlock may seem like common sense, but invest in one with a combination. It will be a relief when you don’t have to search for the keys and end up asking reception to get the pliers to open up the safe. A combination will make your life so much easier and secure as only you know it! If you don’t have a safe, you can lock your suitcase with it. Safety first!


7. Sleeping liner

When you’re staying in hostels there’s always that fear; have the sheets been washed? Who stayed in the bed last? With a sleeping liner these doubts will not enter your mind. It will fit like a sleeping bag giving you peace of mind, making you feel more at home than you have in weeks. They are lightweight and fold up nicely into a small ball!


8. Wet wipes

This may sound like the ‘aged woman essential’ but carrying a pack of these will make you slowly start to realise that they have been sent down by the travel gods to keep you clean. Use them on yourself and to wipe down the bed or any surfaces you’re finding a little bit gross! If a shower is hours out of reach, revive yourself on those long bus journeys and arrive feeling fresh and ready!

The average tax refund Down Under is AU$2600


9. Havana Flip Flops

These beauties are affordable and durable! Although I would invest in a good pair of trainers, flip flops will be your go-to footwear. Easy-to-wear and comfortable, these will be your travel companion on the long journeys. They’ll go with any outfit and no one will judge you because everyone is wearing them!


10. Camera

Making memories is what travelling is all about so don’t forget to capture them on a good camera. There’s no better experience than looking back on everything you’ve done and reminding yourself what an amazing journey you’ve had. Invest in memory sticks to save photos and send them home just for extra security. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself on the way!


Happy Travels and stay safe!

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