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What does Budget 2023 mean for your wallet

The much-anticipated 2023 Budget has been announced by Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe and Minister for Public Expenditure Michael McGrath - two weeks earlier than initially expected.

Amongst the new measures included in Budget 2023 are increased tax-rate bands, credits to tackle the rising cost of energy and enhanced tax reliefs for landlords and renters.

The government has increased the higher rate tax band to €40,000. This means that workers can earn more money before paying tax at the higher 40% rate.

The Employee, PAYE & Earned Income Tax Credits were all increased by €75 also.

There is also additional tax relief for landlords and renters,

But has Budget 2023 really boosted your bank balance?

At Taxback.com, we have launched our Budget 2023 calculator to help you understand how the Government's announcement affects you.

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How to claim a 2022 Irish tax refund

Taxback.com is the easiest way to claim your 2022 Irish tax refund.

The budget announcements could impact how much tax you are due back.

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