We can reclaim the overpaid withholding tax on your dividends & securities

Every year governments apply an estimated $3.7 billion withholding tax to overseas securities. It is standard practice for the country of issue to apply a withholding tax to the portfolio income of non-resident investors.

Most investors are unaware that foreign withholding tax can be reclaimed in full or at least in part. If you've never filed a reclaim, the amount at stake could be substantial. can apply for this refund on your behalf.

Dividend Withholding Tax Refund Calculator

Just enter the country from which the dividend was paid, the country in which you reside and the gross amount of your dividend for an instant refund calculation.

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* This calculator is for illustrative purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for consultation with a professional tax advisor.

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DiviTax is software designed and developed by which facilitates the withholding tax reclaim process and guarantees complete compliance. DiviTax is suitable for investors, intermediaries and financial institutions.

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Recent Dividend Payments

DWT Refunds in Action organised a number of tax clinics on-site at our Novartis Cork Facility. They catered for individual team members' needs by covering a range of tax issues from Dividend Withholding Tax to Expatriate Taxes. The tax clinics were a big success with huge interest shown by our staff. were extremely easy to deal with and professional in their approach and most importantly they managed to simplify complex tax issues for our staff

Donal O'Sullivan - Head of Human Resources, Novartis

Tax Treaties

Countries regularly enter into bilateral agreements called income tax treaties.

Withholding tax reclaims arise because the rate permitted under the terms of the treaty is less than the default rate applied by most foreign governments. In most cases the only way to obtain your legal entitlement is to file a reclaim.

The calculator above allows you to calculate how much you may be due back if you received dividends from foreign shares.

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