We provide a Global Mobility Service that makes International Business easy for your organisation

Immedis is dedicated to providing your business with the most efficient and transparent solutions for managing overseas staff

Tax Compliance

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Corporate Risk

Tax Equalisation

The employee should neither lose out nor benefit from their assignment abroad. They should receive the exact same salary as if they had been working at home. The organisation will cover any tax liabilities accruing, and hypothetical tax will be charged in cases where the tax is lower than that of the home country

Tax Protection

This is where an assignee will be reimbursed in cases where they are charged more taxes than their home country’s tax

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Social Security

International Payroll

Payroll services can become complex when a company has staff operating in several different tax jurisdictions within a given year. We can offer:

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Business Lifesaver Tool / GM Tracker

Immedis provide an online platform called the "GM Tracker" that allows you to track your employees’ movements

From an employer’s perspective it makes tax compliance a dream rather than a nightmare as an employee’s working calendar is mapped out clearly identifying any potential legal obligations

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