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We help you maximise your Luxembourg Tax Refund

Average Refund: €1,109

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If you’ve worked in Luxembourg, you will have had 10-15% income tax deducted from your income. The good news is you may be entitled to a tax refund.
The even better news is that we can apply for your refund and do all the hard work for you!

Tax Services

Luxembourg Tax Refunds

Working in Luxembourg means having up to 15% income tax deducted from your earnings. Applying for a Luxembourg tax refund with taxback.com could mean getting some of this overpaid tax back.

Apply to get your Luxembourg tax back today. We operate on a no refund no fee basis. This means that it’s free to see how much your Luxembourg tax refund is before you proceed.

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Luxembourg Tax Refunds for Students

Students who’ve worked temporarily in Luxembourg can be charged up to 15% income tax on their wages. Luckily, they can claim back an average Luxembourg tax refund of €1,109 with Taxback.com.

It’s free to check what you’re owed so if you’re a student who has been working part-time in Luxembourg, get in touch with us today.

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We operate on a no refund no fee basis

It’s simple – if you’re not due a refund, you don’t pay us a cent. Some companies charge you just to check how much tax you could be due back. We don’t - that’s why we offer our free tax refund calculator. By using the calculator, you can see how big your tax refund could be for free! If you do want to go ahead and reply, we only deduct a fee, once your refund comes through. So if you want to claim back the maximum legal tax refund possible, start here today.
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