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If you plan to do business in the US, you'll need an EIN

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Does your company do business in the US? Local and foreign-owed companies doing business in the US need an Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number. The EIN is the corporate equivalent of a Social Security Number (SSN).

Taxback.com can arrange an EIN for your company so you are compliant with IRS regulations.

Your EIN is used to identify your business in the US and you need one if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • You employ staff
  • You operate your business as a corporation or partnership
  • You file employment, excise or alcohol, tobacco or firearms-related tax returns
  • You withhold taxes on income other than wages and paid to a non-resident alien
  • You are involved with trusts, estates, real estate mortgage investment conduits, non-profit organisations, farmers' cooperatives, or plan administrators.

We charge just $200 for an EIN application

Our EIN application service is competitively priced at just $200 per application.

Taxback.com can save you time and apply for your EIN for you leaving you to get on with your business. The service we offer is quick and effective. All you need to do is to fill out our online form, download and complete your EIN application pack and we’ll complete all the necessary paperwork on your behalf. We’ll also be on hand to answer any queries you may have along the way. Get started here today!
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