Sprintax from is our online self-preparation tool for US federal and state tax returns. It's fully guided, more cost-effective for you, and will guarantee you stay fully compliant with US tax laws. By using Sprintax, you will also get the maximum US tax refund.

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Visiting the US on a J1 visa is exciting – especially if you’ve worked in the US and paid tax, you could be entitled to a US tax refund. We get US tax back for thousands of J1 students and work & travel participants every year.

As US tax laws can be confusing, many people think, ‘Why bother filing a tax return?’ Well, everyone who visited the US on a J1 visa is required by law to file a tax return and it’s important to comply with US tax laws. is a US tax refund expert so apply today to get your US tax back. With years of experience filing tax returns for individuals on J1 visas, we can guarantee that we will file a compliant tax return for you and ensure you get back any tax you have overpaid.

The average US tax refund is $800. The amount you get back, however, depends on your individual circumstances and on factors such as how much you’ve earned and how long you have been working. Why not use our free refund calculator to see how much you could be due and apply today by downloading our tax forms.

Die durchschnittliche US-Steuerrückerstattung beträgt $800

We have decades of experience in filing US tax returns and can apply for your local, state and federal taxes. To get a tax refund estimation you can use our free income tax refund calculator and if you want to proceed all you need to do is to download and complete a tax pack and send it to us along with your W2 form. Our tax pack contains all the required IRS tax forms and clear instructions on how to fill it out. We're committed to filing a correct and compliant tax return for you. You can follow the status of your US tax refund through your Tax Tracker ® account.
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Nützliche Fakten zu US-Steuern

  • Das US-Steuerjahr geht vom 1. Januar bis zum 31. Dezember.
  • Es gibt vier Steuerarten in den USA: die Bundessteuer (Federal Tax), die Landessteuer (State Tax), die FICA-Steuer (Gesetz zu Sozialversicherungsbeiträgen) und die Kommunalsteuer (Local Tax).
  • US-Steuererklärungen sollten bis zum 15. April des folgenden Jahres eingereicht werden.
  • Die meisten J1 Visum-Inhaber zahlen zu viele Steuern, wenn sie in den USA sind.
  • Um Ihre US-Steuerrückerstattung geltend machen zu können, benötigen wir Ihr W2 Formular. Das W2 Formular ist das offizielle Formular der Regierung, das Sie im Januar von Ihrem Arbeitgeber erhalten.
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Seit 1996 bieten wir US-Steuerrückerstattungen für J1-Studenten

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Seit 1996 stellen wir US-Steuerrückerstattungen für J1-Studenten bereit.

In den USA zu mit einem J1 Visum zu leben und zu arbeiten, bietet viele tolle Aspekte, einer davon ist die US-Steuerrückerstattung, die Sie beantragen können, wenn Sie die USA wieder verlassen. Jedes Jahr stellen wir US-Steuerrückerstattungen für Tausende von J1-Studenten bereit. Die Höhe des Betrages, den Sie erstattet bekommen, hängt von Ihren individuellen Umständen und Faktoren ab, zu denen u.a. gehört, wo Sie gearbeitet haben, die Art der Arbeit und wie lange Sie dort gearbeitet haben. Wir haben alle richtigen US-Steuerformulare in einem praktischen J1 Tax-Pack zusammengestellt, sodass Sie sie nicht lange suchen müssen. Außerdem können Sie unseren kostenlosen J1 Steuererstattungsrechner verwenden, um die Höhe Ihrer US-Steuerrückerstattung zu schätzen. Fangen Sie noch heute an!

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    Overall, my experience with Taxback was satisfactory. The team was professional and provided assistance throughout the tax filing process. They were prompt in addressing my queries and ensured a smooth experience. I would consider using their services again in the future.

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    Great and easy service Zhivko is truly a very supportive and effective account executive. He answered all my enquires in a prompt and easy way. Thank you for all.

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    Wonderful service provided and very efficient

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    Such a great experience with Tax Back and my agent Tsvetomir! So efficient and quick to get back to me. And very happy with the amount I’m getting back!

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    Taxback team is really helpful, even on the chat. Very efficient

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    Dealt with Brian Couldn't asked for better. Very informative and replys fast Answers questions fast and to the point. Very great experience

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    Alexandra thank you for your amazing service the past few years. You go over and beyond assisting your clients. I will be back to chat in January 2024 for tax year 2023.

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    Thanks Alexandra Laza for your great effort to refund me my taxes for the last five years. You have done a great job to save my time and effort to get back those taxes. I really recommend her to get your taxback without any hassle.

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    Thank you for team for fast refund tax from the UK.

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    Alex looked after me , she was kind, helpful , professional, very quick , she has great patient, she sorted my tax back year before and this year also , always keep me updated which I really like . I can only recommend and all team members are great .

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