Irish Employee Wellbeing Summit 2021

Employee Wellbeing Summit

The Employee Wellbeing Summit will explore the theme of the 'Future of Employee Wellbeing in Ireland'. Our panel discussion will include speakers from across a range of industry types to debate the evolution of workplace wellbeing, financial wellbeing and emotional wellbeing.

When: Available [ON DEMAND]
Where: Virtual! Link to follow on registration

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Featured Speakers

John Goulding

John Goulding

CEO & Founder Workvivo

Joanna Murphy

Joanna Murphy


Paul Merriman

Paul Merriman

CEO Pax Financial Planning | AskPaul

Sinead Ryan

Sinead Ryan

Journalist | Broadcaster | Media Trainer

Dr Niamh O' Brien

Dr Niamh O' Brien (B.Ed., M.Ed., PGD, PhD.)

Researcher and Lecturer in University College Cork | Working for Wellbeing

Working for Wellbeing
Rachael O'Shea

Rachael O'Shea

Head of Employee Experience

Clune Group
Cathal Divilly

Cathal Divilly

CEO Great Places to Work

Great Place To Work
Marian Ryan

Marian Ryan

Consumer Tax Manager


Event Themes

Workplace Wellbeing

As more and more companies announce a hybrid approach to working, from home and from the office, we’ll explore the potential impact this may have on traditional working norms. How have our expectations changed and what will the new working environment look like?

Financial Wellbeing

We know that supporting employees financial wellbeing is an integral part of creating a healthy workplace where people can flourish. In this section we’ll explore the innovative ways in which companies are delivering financial support initiatives to their employees.

Emotional Wellbeing

It's been a challenging year for us all, as we slowly reintegrate our personal and working lives, we'll consider the impact of the pandemic and highlight actionable tools employers can avail of to support their employees with the transition.

FAQ – Employee Wellbeing Summit

It has been proven that mental health and financial security are intrinsically linked.

And a new survey (of more than 1,500 Irish workers) found that over half of Irish workers worry about money regularly.

With this in mind , Paul Merriman (aka AskPaul) and Journalist & broadcaster, Sinead Ryan will discuss financial planning at the Employee Wellbeing Summit.

What's more, Dr Niamh O’Brien, Researcher and Lecturer in University College Cork and Founder of Working for Wellbeing, Cathal Divilly, CEO of Great Places to Work and John Goulding, CEO & Founder of Workvivo will discuss employee wellbeing in the workplace.

This year's event is virtual and available to watch back on demand.

You should attend the Employee Wellbeing Summit if you are interested in learning how to support your workplace through these changing working norms. Supporting the emotional and financial wellbeing of your employees will have a positive impact on both your employees and your business.

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