We'll help you navigate the tax challenges
of owning a foreign business

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Foreign Business Tax Return Registration

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Tax assistance for US owners of a small foreign business

Running an international business can be a rewarding and profitable experience but it can also present challenges, especially from a tax perspective.

Every decision you make about your business brings about tax implications and consequences. You therefore need to think carefully about several considerations like, for example, how you structure your business and how you pay your employees.

It is important to note also that anyone who owns 10% or more of a foreign corporation is legally obliged to file an informational return (Form 5472).

The Service

US citizens abroad happy from service

At, we work with many US citizens with foreign businesses. We help them navigate the taxation challenges and ensure full compliance with both the IRS and the foreign tax office(s). Some people aren’t aware that even if 100% of their business operations are outside the US, they still need to file an annual US tax return. We can help you maximise deductions and reduce your tax liability. We offer:

  • Tax return preparation
  • Form
  • Business & individual tax return
  • Tax treaty relief analysis
  • Form 5471 assistance
  • FBAR
  • Foreign business taxation advice
  • Payroll assistance

How it Works

1.You download our US Citizen Abroad Tax Pack

2.Complete and sign the pack and send to us with the relevant forms

3.We’ll review your information and prepare your tax return

4.Our CPA will review and sign your tax return

5.We’ll send your return to you.

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