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If you're working in Canada as an oil, gas or mining worker you are obliged to file an annual Canadian tax return. By filing a tax return you’ll also be able to apply for a tax refund.

At Taxback.com we can:

  • File your Canadian tax return
  • Minimise your tax liability
  • Maximise your tax refund
  • Ensure you avail of all applicable tax credits and deductions
  • Claim back work expenses on your behalf
  • Check if you are eligible to claim “Zone Tax Offset”
  • Make sure that you are tax compliant in all locations you’ve worked in

Northern Residents Deduction

The Northern Residents Deduction is a tax concession that was introduced by the Canadian Tax Office for people who live and work in remote areas in Canada. To qualify for northern residents deductions, you must have lived, on a permanent basis, in a prescribed northern or intermediate zone for a continuous period of at least six consecutive months.

Do you live or work in these A Zones?

You may be entitled to $11.00 per day.

  • Fort Nelson, BC
  • Northwest territories, Yukon and Nunavut
  • Newfoundland and Labrador

Do you live or work in these B Zones?

You may be entitled to $5.50 per day.

  • Buick
  • Fort St. John
  • Pink Mountain
  • Prespatou
  • Moberly Lake
  • Fort MacKay
  • Fort MacMurray
  • Quigley
  • Île-à-la-Crosse

What expenses can oil, gas and mining workers claim in Canada?

You can boost your tax refund by claiming work related expenses such as:

  • Union dues

  • Tools and equipment

  • Motoring costs

  • Phone expenses

  • Office rent

  • Work from home costs

You can also claim tax back on your medical expenses, tuition fees and travel.


Free, no obligation estimate of your Canadian tax refund.

Tax Refund Fee
12.5% of refund per tax year + handling fee (minimum fee of CA$62.50 + handling fee).

Document Retrieval Fee
CA$20 + handling fee services, per document.

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When it comes to getting Canadian tax back, we know what we’re doing. The best thing of all is that it’s free to find out what you’re owed. Our team of dedicated Canadian tax professionals know Canadian tax laws inside out so they can fill in all your tax forms and apply for your refund while you sit back and relax. We have been filing tax returns since 1996 so we are trusted by thousands of people every year to get their Canadian tax back.

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Leah Ketelaar, Student

I’m at the University of Toronto studying English & Drama and I work part time in a coffee shop. I got in touch with Taxback.com to file my tax return and they confirmed I was due a tax refund due to my fees and travel expenses. I got back $412 so I was really pleased.

19 December 2014

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