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Average Refund: €1,200

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Did you know that everyone who works in Denmark has up to 40% tax taken from their income? That’s the bad news.
The good news is that if you’ve worked in Denmark, we can claim back some or all of your overpaid tax!

Tax Services

Tax Refund from Denmark

Did you ever work in Denmark? People working in Denmark pay about 40% tax on their income. You will receive automatically the Notice of Assessment (Arsopgørelse) from the Danish Tax Authorities by end of April of the following year and the good news is that we can check if you are eligible to file an objection and get tax back. It’s totally free to get a refund estimation. The average Danish tax refund is €1,200 so it’s worth checking what you’re owed.

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Holiday Allowance Refund from Denmark

If you were not able to receive your holiday money because you left Denmark permanently before the beginning of the holiday year, you can apply for a holiday allowance from the National Fund for Holiday Pay (FerieKonto). We can liaise with FerieKonto on your behalf. We will always check if you are eligible to claim a holiday money refund as well as an income tax refund so you get the maximum money possible.

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