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Earning income from a rental property?
File your fully compliant Irish Tax return with Taxback.com

Tax Return Service for Landlords

Landlord Tax Returns for Rental Income

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Landlord Tax Return

If you own a rental property in Ireland, you’re legally obliged to file an annual self-assessed tax return with Revenue. Our landlord tax return service will provide you with your own dedicated Account Manager and make sure you don’t miss the annual tax deadline for declaring rental income.

We will check if your tax liability can be reduced and will ensure that you are availing of any applicable relief. We’ll also check that you are claiming all the landlord expenses you are entitled to such as advertising costs.

Landlord Tax Service

Our Landlord Tax Service was developed in response to feedback from landlords who were paying too much to their accountants for tax return filing assistance. We developed a friendly, cost-effective service that will make sure you are fully compliant with all Revenue legislation in relation to the declaration of rental income.

We will also make sure that you are claiming tax deductions such as capital allowances as these may help to reduce your tax liability. On such example is wear-and-tear allowance which is available for the capital cost of items provided to furnish rented residential accommodation such as furniture or kitchen appliances. Our landlord tax service starts at just €289. Talk to our Kilkenny-based Landlord Team today or click here for a call-back.

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Landlord Tax

  • The self-assessed tax return filing deadline is 31 October following the end of the tax year in question. The deadline is extended till 15th November for taxpayers who file and pay online.
  • Landlords should keep full records for all expenses and receipts
  • Fines and penalties are applied for failure to file a tax return or pay any tax you are due
  • We will provide you with a no obligation quote for our service
  • We can answer your property tax questions

Are you aware of capital
allowances for landlords?

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Capital allowances are one of the most valuable deductions which are commonly overlooked by landlords. Wear and tear allowances are available for the capital cost of fixtures and fittings (for example, furniture, kitchen appliances, etc) provided to furnish rented residential accommodation. The rate of wear and tear allowances for capital items is 12.5% over 8 years. For example, if you purchase a suite of furniture for €1,000 a capital allowance of €125 per year can be off-set against the rental income for tax purposes for the next 8 years.