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Irish Self-Assessed Tax Service

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Our Irish tax team will handle all of your tricky tax paperwork and ensure you claim every tax relief you’re entitled to – all for a fraction of the cost of an accountant!Just complete the short form to get started!

Irish Tax Return Filing

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If you're self-employed in Ireland, you're obliged to file an annual tax return. This is referred to as a 'self assessed tax return'. Under the self-assessment system in Ireland, all self-employed people must report all income earned to Revenue by filing a tax return.

Your tax return is also used to claim any tax allowances that can be offset against your tax bill. You have to file an Irish tax return if any of the following circumstances apply to you:

  • You're self-employed
  • You're a contractor or sub-contractor
  • You're a landlord
  • You receive income in addition to PAYE income e.g. income through an investment portfolio, rental income, income from a construction trade, capital gains, consulting, contracting or if you receive any other untaxed income from ‘nixers’ or work you do in addition to your normal PAYE job.
  • You’re director of a company
  • You belong to an employee share scheme

Self-employment income

If you earn income outside the PAYE system – for example as a sole trader or self-employed individual – you are required to report this income to Revenue by filing a tax return each year. Taxback.com will ensure you avail of every tax relief and deduction you’re entitled to, minimising the tax due on your trading income.

Rental income

If you earn money from renting out a residential or commercial property – such as a house, apartment, office or farmland – it is taxable and you must file a tax return. You can easily file your rental income tax return online with Taxback.com.

Rent-a-room relief

Rent-a-room relief enables eligible homeowners to earn €14,000 in tax-exempt rental income from private tenants. Despite being considered ‘Exempt Income’, you must still include this income on your annual tax return.

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Have you spent money on a staycation?

If so, you may be entitled to tax relief. Self-employed and PAYE workers can claim as much €250 in tax back through the Stay and Spend scheme.

The scheme, which runs from 1 October 2020 - 30 April 2021, enables taxpayers to claim relief on their hotel and restaurant bills.
In order to claim, all you need to do is keep your receipts safe.
Taxback.com will help you claim every tax relief you’re entitled to and minimise your tax bill.
File with Taxback.com today!

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Capital Gain Tax

Earning income from investments? If so, you will probably have to pay a Capital Gains Tax bill and file a tax return.

Taxback.com will help you to file your CGT tax return – ensuring you claim every tax relief you’re entitled to and reducing your tax bill.

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Capital Acquisition Tax

If you have received a gift or inheritance from a loved one, you may be required to file paperwork with Revenue and pay a tax bill.

Taxback.com will conduct a complete review of your tax situation, ensuring you claim every tax relief you are entitled to. Our team will file your Capital Acquisition Tax return with Revenue, keeping you compliant with the taxman while minimising your tax bill.

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If you earn a profit from investments (such as stocks, shares, property or cryptocurrency), it is likely that you will be required to pay tax and file a return. Taxback.com will manage all the tricky tax paperwork and ensure you are 100% compliant with Revenue.

The Sharing Economy

Do you earn money through the sharing economy – for example by renting out a spare room on Airbnb or delivering food with Deliveroo? Even if this is not your main source of income, you are still required to file a return and pay your tax bill. The good news is there may be a number of deductions you can use to reduce your overall tax bill. Taxback.com will help you claim every relief you’re due and file your tax return with Revenue.

Can Taxback.com help me with Capital Gain Tax (CGT)?

CGT is a tax charged on the capital gain (profit) made on the disposal of an asset. So, if you invest your money in an asset (like stocks, shares or even a real property) and you subsequently make a profit when selling the asset, it is likely that you will have to pay CGT (usually at 33%) and file a tax return.Alternatively, if you make a loss from an investment, you can deduct this loss from a future capital gain tax liability.

The deadline to file your CGT tax return is 31 October and Taxback.com will file the paperwork with Revenue on your behalf.

Meanwhile, the exact deadline to pay your CGT tax bill depends on when you dispose of your asset. For disposals in the initial period (1 January – 30 November), CGT payments are due by 15 December in the same tax year. CGT for disposals in the later period (1 December – 31 December) is due by 31 January of the following tax year.

How to file your Capital Acquisition Tax return

Received a gift or inheritance this year? You may be required to pay a 'gift tax' – also called Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT). You'll pay CAT if a gift is valued over a certain limit (various thresholds apply). The thresholds are dependent on the relationship between you and the gift giver. Taxback.com will help you to file your Capital Acquisition Tax return easily online. Our tax team will work with you to ensure you claim every tax relief you are entitled to, minimising your tax bill.

Income Tax Return

A lot of contractors and people who work for themselves can’t afford expensive accountancy fees.

That’s why we developed a service that is a fraction of the cost of using an accountant. We will prepare and file your tax return and claim any applicable allowances.

Our tax return service starts at a flat fee of €286 (VAT inclusive). The 2022 tax return deadline is 31 October 2023 (extended to 15th November if pay & file online), so file today to avoid late fees.

We will file your tax return from as little as €286.

We understand that a lot of people working for themselves need to save costs wherever they can. We will file your tax return starting from just €286. This cost will cover the following:

  • Employment income (1 source)
  • Submission of a claim for rent-a-room relief
  • Non-resident landlord tax filing for 1 property
  • Bank/Other interest reporting for 1-3 accounts

Additional income types are priced separately. We remove the mystery from tax returns, and eradicate scary accountancy fees. Once your tax advisor finds out what income types you have had in the last year, he/she will tell you what our fee will be. At that point, you can decide if you want to proceed so there won’t be any nasty surprises at filing stage, or later.

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Our friendly Irish tax team

Irish Tax and Payroll Director

AITI Chartered Tax Adviser with over 16 years experience in Irish taxation and social security compliance and consultancy for individuals and companies. Certificate in Principles of International Taxation from CIOT. IPASS payroll qualification. Particular interest in employment taxes and cross border matters.

Passions: Family, music and dance, my dog and baking whenever I have time.

Tax and Payroll Senior Manager

Qualified Chartered Accountant (ACA), Chartered Tax Consultant (CTC) and Chartered Company Secretary (GradICSA)

Passions: Liverpool FC, Irish Rugby, Poker and Politics.

Tax and Payroll Associate

Full Member of Accounting Technicians Ireland, Currently studying Taxation diploma with Chartered Accountants Ireland.

Passions: Travelling, eating, music festivals and Dublin GAA.

Manager Tax & Payroll

Emma is a Chartered Tax Advisor with over 15 years tax practice experience specializing mainly in personal, expatriate and employment related taxes.

Passions: In my spare time I love to spend time in the great outdoors with my family. I also enjoy cycling and yoga.

Tax and Payroll Manager

Graduate Diploma in Actuarial Science University College Dublin, Higher Diploma in Mathematical Studies Maynooth University, Honours Degree Structural Engineering Cork Institute of Technology. 3 years working in Tax and Payroll as part of Taxback’s Self-Assessment Tax Returns and Global Mobility Service.

Passions: Enjoy all aspects of team sports. I currently play hurling and Gaelic football for my local GAA team in Kilkenny.

Irish Filing Team Leader

Bachelor & Master Degrees in accountancy, TMITI Qualification with the Irish Taxation Institute, 4 year experience with Irish Taxes.

Passions: Fishing

Senior Tax Technician

Tax technician qualification from the Irish Taxation Institute.

Passions: Painting and drawing. During my free time I love to paint - I've even sold a painting! Some day I would like to develop this passion and create an online gallery.

Irish Office Contact Info

Our Irish Customer Care team is based in our Kilkenny Office. They are on hand to answer all your Irish tax refund and tax return filing questions. We also have an office in Dublin city centre. You can reach people in both Irish offices by calling the Irish freephone number 1800 99 18 05.

The staff in either of our Irish offices would be happy to help.

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Irish Tax Return Facts

  • The Irish tax year runs from 1st January to 31st December.
  • The deadline for submission of a self assessed tax return is 31st October November following the end of the tax year in question.
  • The deadline for people who pay and file online is extended to 15th November for 2023.
  • We will provide you with a no obligation quote before proceeding with your tax return.
  • Some PAYE workers also have to file an Irish tax return (see above).

With taxback.com, you're in safe hands

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Our job is simply to make things as easy as possible for you. And that’s exactly what we do. If you use taxback.com to file your Irish tax return, you’ll get your own tax advisor from our Kilkenny-based team. This person will become your point of contact and will keep you updated on all developments on your file through the tax return process. Every single tax return is checked by a senior Irish tax accountant before it goes to you. Why take the risk of making mistakes by filing your own tax return? Incorrect or late tax returns can lead to fines and penalties. As long as you give us all the information we need, we’ll prepare your Irish tax return and make sure it’s fully compliant with Revenue guidelines. If you’re looking for a reliable, affordable tax return service, taxback.com is the right company for you.