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Add a free value-adding ancillary benefit for your employees

Our tax refund workshops are designed to give your employees a free estimation of their tax refund potential

Adding value for your employees

At Taxback.com, we understand that it’s not always possible to provide monetary benefits for employees. This has lead employers to search for ways to provide value-adding services for employees to augment their retention strategies. One such service is free tax refund assessments for your staff. At these sessions, employees can have their tax queries answered and apply for a tax refund estimation.

How the tax workshops work

Who are tax workshops suitable for?

We’ve provided tax clinics for some of the biggest Irish and global names including insurance companies, banks, pharmaceutical companies and retailers. Our tax services are applicable for all levels of organisations, from temporary contract workers to directors. We can advise on both PAYE and self-assessed tax.

Tax Services

We’ve found that a ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t suit when it comes to tax workshops as people can have very different requirements and situations. For this reason, we offer a range of services including the following:

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Taxback.com organised a number of tax clinics on-site at our Novartis Cork Facility. They catered for individual team members' needs by covering a range of tax issues from Dividend Withholding Tax to Expatriate Taxes. The tax clinics were a big success with huge interest shown by our staff. Taxback.com were extremely easy to deal with and professional in their approach and most importantly they managed to simplify complex tax issues for our staff

Donal O'Sullivan - Head of Human Resources, Novartis

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