Mēs joprojām strādājam pie satura tulkošanas latviešu valodā, un tāpēc tas parādās angļu valodā. Mēs atvainojamies par sagādātajām neērtībām un ceram, ka tulkota versija būs gatava jau drīz.

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Our Tax Refund Apps provide a handy and quick way to apply for Irish, Australian, Canadian or USA Tax Refunds. It can also tell you in seconds if you are due tax back.

Thanks to the app, you no longer have to be at a computer to apply for a tax refund. All you need to do is download our app and follow the simple on-screen instructions.

  • Quick and secure system
  • Apply on the go using your phone or tablet
  • Estimate your tax refund in seconds
  • Electronic signature facility
  • Quick way to photograph docs
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Pocket Tax Apps
Pocket Tax Apps
Pocket Tax Apps
Pocket Tax Apps
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Pocket Tax Irish App

  • We’ll make sure you haven’t overpaid any taxes over the past few years.
  • Claim for any reliefs you may be eligible for.
  • Double check PRSI and USC tax charges.
  • Average Irish PAYE tax refund for taxback.com customers is €1,880

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Pocket Tax Oz App

  • We get working holidaymakers, backpackers, 417 visa holders and students tax back every year.
  • Apply for a Superannuation refund once you’ve left Oz.
  • The average Oz tax refund for taxback.com customers is AU$2,600

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Pocket Tax Canada App

  • We get temporary work and travel visa holders tax back every year.
  • When you work in Canada, you get 15-29% income tax deducted from your earnings.
  • The average Canadian tax refund for taxback.com customers is $998

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Pocket Tax USA App

  • On-the-go tax return filing – if you have your phone or tablet you’re good to go!
  • Step-by-step assistance – clear instructions on every screen.
  • On-screen, concise forms – our forms are short and sweet.
  • In-built tax refund estimator – get a tax refund calculation in seconds.