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We’re fond of blogging here at We blog about a whole range of things; weird and wonderful tax reliefs, changes in tax legislation and the pretty generous competitions we run periodically.

You’ll often see pieces crop up about celebrities’ tax misdemeanours (of which there are many!) Our blog is basically a home for the more light-hearted stories we come across. So check out our musings below and tell us what you think!

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7 Helpful Websites for Canadian Newcomers

These websites are a great resource for all of our customers and readers who have recently secured an IEC VISA. If you plan to come and work in Canada in the near future or have recently arrived in Canada each website either provides great advice, tips for making the most of your time in Canada [...]
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04 September 2014 - Blog Clippings Canadian Twitter Account

Do you love to chat with the world? We certainly do. We have launched our @TaxbackCanada Twitter account where we keep you up to date with all activity in Canada, top tax tips, resort events and retweets from some of our partners best tweets. What’s it all about? Our Twitter account is an extension [...]
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28 August 2014 - Blog Clippings

Irish Revenue chasing property payments

Given the variety of property taxes introduced under austerity, namely the NPPR, LPT and the Household Charge, homeowners could be forgiven for losing track of what payments were due and when. However, Revenue will be in no mood to forgive anyone who has yet to make any payments – and will seek to impose stiff [...]
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27 August 2014 - Blog Clippings

Setting up a Canadian Bank Account in 3 easy steps

We have put together a simple plan to help you set up a Canadian bank account as a newcomer in Canada. Managing your finances in a foreign country can be a daunting task to say the least, so use our helpful steps to get started on your Canadian working journey: 1. Get your SIN first! [...]
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21 August 2014 - Blog Clippings

How to get ready for Working & Travelling in Australia

The thought of travelling for 12 months can be daunting to some people. Others will happily buy a one-way ticket and jump on a plane with a tiny backpack. With the help of STA Travel, blogs and friend’s experiences, I became one of most organised travellers ever (several to-do lists later).   Where to get [...]
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16 August 2014 - Blog Clippings

Cómo gastar tu reembolso de impuestos Australianos

Estamos a una semana de la temporada de reembolso de impuestos y es seguro que el dinero está haciendo un agujero en tu mochila!   Si ya has conseguido ponerte en contacto con nosotros para obtener tu reembolso de impuestos, puede que ya tengas tu dinero ganado -, ya que sólo le toma unos días [...]
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16 August 2014 - Blog Clippings

Top Tips for Filing your Taxes in Canada

Tax is often considered a scary word when you’re at home, so why would it be any different when you are abroad? Let me explain. In Canada everyone pays tax, but if you are in Canada on a working holiday VISA, earning less than $11,000, you may be exempt from paying tax! As a result, [...]
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14 August 2014 - Blog Clippings

Provincial Tax Rates in Canada

If you live in Canada, you need to be aware that the tax rates differ between the different provinces. Below we have listed the minimum tax rates in Canada based on the province in which you lived:  Provinces/territories Rate(s) Newfoundland and Labrador 7.7% on,the first $34,254 of taxable income, + 12.5%,on the next $34,254, + [...]
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07 August 2014 - Blog Clippings

5 money saving tips for Young Travelers in Canada

Canada can be an expensive country to live, so we have put together five money saving tips for those who are working in Canada, or planning to travel to Canada.   1. Canadian Coupons and Discount Codes   If you have travelled to Canada from Europe you are probably unfamiliar with the coupon craze, but [...]
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29 July 2014 - Blog Clippings

How To Spend Your Australian Tax Refund

We are a week into tax refund season and the money is sure to be burning a hole in your backpack!   If you’ve already got in touch with us for your tax refund, you may already have your hard-earned cash – as it only takes a matter of days for the tax fairies to [...]
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14 July 2014 - Blog Clippings

First Australian Refunds Received

As most people know that financial year has ended here in Australia on June 30th and it is all systems go!   All hands are on deck at at the moment as our 6 offices across Australia are hives of activity with people seeking some of their hard earned money back in the form [...]
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11 July 2014 - Blog Clippings

The 2 Best Ways to Increase your PAYE Tax Refund : Rent & Medical Expenses

Every year thousands of people overpay taxes in Ireland without even being aware of it. If you are PAYE worker in Ireland, you maybe due to a tax refund and you have the legal right to claim the overpaid tax amount back.   If you choose an expert tax specialist like, the tax filing [...]
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08 July 2014 - Blog Clippings

Australian Medicare Levy Exemption – what it means for you!

What is Medicare? Medicare is the Australian Governments universal health scheme. It is a Commonwealth government program that guarantees all citizens access a wide range of health services at little or no cost.   The way that Medicare works is that it is built into the income tax that all PAYG (Pay As You Go) [...]
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08 July 2014 - Blog Clippings

Top 5 tips for filing tax refunds in Australia

When you work in a tax agency, you find that you can talk about tax all day long – but after much debate in the office, we have managed to narrow all our points down to what we think are the top five tips that everyone should be aware of as we approach the tax [...]
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01 July 2014 - Blog Clippings

Australian Tax Time – What you need to know

Every year thousands of people pack their bags and book flights to Australia. Students, backpackers, professionals and working holidaymakers all go Down Under in pursuit of adventure or to make some money.   We can’t help but envy these lucky folk. If you are going to Australia then you should grasp the opportunity to visit [...]
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17 June 2014 - Blog Clippings

HMRC to target UK Landlords with undeclared rental income

HMRC estimates that up to 1.5 million landlords may be underpaying £500 million in tax every year and has subsequently launched the ‘Let Property Campaign’ to encourage voluntary disclosures of undeclared and under-declared rental income. The issue of undeclared rental income has been an ongoing concern for HMRC but the latest focus on UK landlords [...]
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16 April 2014 - Blog Clippings

UK Budget 2014 – The Update

In the year before a general election, the UK Budget tends to include an element of political spin, to ensure the party (or parties under the current coalition government) in power keep any swaying voters on their side. This year was no different and after announcing that the UK economy growth forecast has continued to [...]
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19 March 2014 - Blog Clippings

Canadian tax changes for 2014

It’s no secret that with the introduction of every new government budget comes changes to your tax obligations and in many cases the introduction of new taxes. Below are eleven of the most important changes to Canadian taxes in 2014 which could affect how you fill in and file your 2013 tax return.   Adoption [...]
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18 March 2014 - Blog Clippings

Taxing times for Apple Australia

A probe into Apple Australia’s tax affairs has exposed that the tech giant has paid a miniscule $193 million on $27 billion worth of products purchased in the country since 2002, a mere 0.7% of its turnover. The company has reportedly minimised its tax bill by channelling around $9 billion offshore through subsidiary companies in [...]
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06 March 2014 - Blog Clippings

Happy Birthday Veliko Tarnovo!

As a global company with 33 offices in 23 countries worldwide, it will come as no surprise to you all that we have an office based in the beautiful city of Veliko Tarnovo. On March 5th, our wonderful collegues based in that office will celebrate their second birthday, and they want to invite you to [...]
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28 February 2014 - Blog Clippings

10 Myths about Canadian Taxes

Filing Canadian tax returns can be confusing enough as it is, never mind how much more confusing things get when you start to hear about possible tax deductions you can make, how many you can make, when you can claim a tax refund, what income is tax free and what’s not, whether or not you [...]
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18 February 2014 - Blog Clippings

You’re due a tax refund! Or are you?

At, we’re always alerting people to the most recent tax refund fraud schemes that are going around. Sometimes, these emails are even sent to members of our tax team, who of course, immediately report the email to our worldwide tax team, as well as partners and the tax office. By now, many people know [...]
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11 February 2014 - Blog Clippings

Google slapped with €1 billion tax bill

Google faces yet another tax headache, this time in France. After an escalating investigation which has been drawn out over the last number of months, the corporation has been hit with a whopping €1 billion tax bill from French tax authorities. Investigations in to Google’s tax affairs have been ongoing since 2011, when financial inspectors [...]
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07 February 2014 - Blog Clippings

The end of the Australian Working Holiday Visa?

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has proposed a moratorium on working holiday visas, citing the high level of unemployment among young Australian citizens as a primary reason for its cessation. Although Australia has only recently signed a new working holiday agreement with Greece, ACTU  is still pressing ahead with it’s agenda, and lambasting [...]
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04 February 2014 - Blog Clippings

Commonly overlooked US tax deductions

As the man on the $100 bill once said, there are only two things certain in life – death and taxes. But just because you have to pay taxes, doesn’t mean you have to leave a tip! That’s why were letting you in on the top tax deductions that people often don’t know they can [...]
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29 January 2014 - Blog Clippings

UK Self Employed Tax Deductions

The UK Self Employed Tax Return Filing Deadline is coming up on January 31st, so with many people rushing to finish their tax returns and avoid fines, we’re here to let you know about some of the most common tax deductions you might be eligible for.   Computers If your computer is used solely by [...]
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21 January 2014 - Blog Clippings

Don’t leave your money behind in the US

The US tax year ended on 31st December so you can now apply for your US tax refund. If you worked in the US any time between 2010 and now, you could be due tax back. If you’re anything like us, you’d welcome some extra cash at this time of year to bridge the gap [...]
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16 January 2014 - Blog Clippings

A timely Irish tax reminder on Radio One

Was anyone in Ireland listening to Morning Ireland on RTE Radio One this morning? If so, you might’ve heard our Tax Guru, Christine Keily having a chat with Conor Brophy about the tax refunds they could be missing out on. Millions of Euro goes unclaimed every year and so Christine was giving people a timely [...]
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10 January 2014 - Blog Clippings

Appy New Year!

If you’re short on time and money, our Irish Tax Refund App is the perfect solution for applying for your Irish tax refund and getting an unexpected windfall. The Irish tax year ended on 31st December so you can now apply for your 2013 tax refund using our lovely app – Pocket Tax Irish. Pocket [...]
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03 January 2014 - Blog Clippings

Fraudulent income tax return means €230k fine for Dublin businessman

A Dublin business man has been fined €230k for deliberately filing incorrect tax returns. The ruling was made yesterday after The Revenue Commissioners brought proceedings against Simon Cosma of Manorfield Walk in Dublin 15. Mr. Cosma is liable to pay the fine after information in his 2008 and 2009 tax returns was found to be [...]
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03 December 2013 - Blog Clippings

No change to pay and file date for self assessed… yet…

Minister Micheal Noonan announced yesterday that the pay and file deadline will not change in 2014. The deadline for the filing of self assessed income tax returns, capital gains tax and capital acquisitions tax currently falls in late October. However, it was recently suggested that the deadline would be brought forward next year in order [...]
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21 November 2013 - Blog Clippings

Apple’s Italian tax affairs under scrutiny

Yesterday, technology mega corp. Apple issued a statement denying that they allegedly passed profits through their Irish subsidiary to avoid paying taxes on €1 billion of profits to Italian tax authorities. According to prosecutors in Milan, the company neglected to declare just over €1 billion of profits for tax over the last three years. They [...]
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15 November 2013 - Blog Clippings competition winner heading to World Cup

Everyone loves a trip away which is why we launched our Australian Travel Adventure competition – currently in its third month and now with another lucky winner. The Australian Travel Adventure gave everyone who applied for their Australian tax refund during peak season, the chance to choose from six exciting adventures. Our most recent winner [...]
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18 September 2013 - Blog Clippings

Travel Adventure Time for lucky customer

Every year, runs a competition from the end of the Australian Tax Year in June until September to show our appreciation for our customers. This year, we decided to run a Travel Adventure Competition and now we’re delighted to announce the first winner from July. Aisling Beirne from Co. Roscommon in Ireland is our [...]
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21 August 2013 - Blog Clippings

Será que você deixou seu dinheiro para trás?

Todos os anos milhares de estudantes brasileiros viajam ao exterior em programas de intercâmbio e muitos chegam a trabalhar em algum momento de suas estadias. Quando se trabalha no exterior em caráter temporário (não residente), na maioria dos casos, os impostos trabalhistas são descontados dos salários da mesma maneira que de um residente.   Por [...]
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15 August 2013 - Blog Clippings

Employers deadline to submit PAYG’s approaching

As of the 14th of August all employers in Australia should have their employees tax details uploaded to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). For all those who have not received their pay summaries yet, now is the time to ask. So, why is your PAYG so important? Well first off, it is important for your own [...]
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12 August 2013 - Blog Clippings

Obama pays his fair share

Someone once said that there are two inevitable things in life: death and taxes. We all have to pay and the rule applies even to the inhabitants of the White House. This April Obama’s tax return revealed that during 2012 President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama had a gross income of $608,611 and [...]
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08 August 2013 - Blog Clippings

President Obama Paying His Dues

Someone once said that there are two inevitable things in life: death and taxes. We all have to pay and the rule applies even to the inhabitants of the White House. This April Obama’s tax return revealed that during 2012 President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama had a gross income of $608,611 and [...]
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25 July 2013 - Blog Clippings

Tell a Friend Competition Winners Announced!

We are delighted to announce the results of our new Tell a friend competition! Congratulations Emmett Vallender and Claire Campbell! They will both receive their tax refund free of charge from So Emmet and Claire can expect to receive their cash directly in their bank accounts without paying any processing fee to Want [...]
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16 July 2013 - Blog Clippings

Fundraising evening held for Stephen O’Connor in Sydney

Last Christmas Stephen O’Connor travelled home to Ireland with his girlfriend Michelle to enjoy the Christmas period. Tragically, Stephen collapsed in a shopping centre while at home and died suddenly. There was no known cause for Stephen’s death so it was adjudged to be due to Adult Sudden Death Syndrome. If a defibrillator had been [...]
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04 July 2013 - Blog Clippings

Irishman wins the ‘Best Job in the World’ is delighted to announce that Allan Dixon from Co. Wicklow, Ireland has won the role of Outback Adventurer in Tourism Australia’s ‘Best Jobs in the World’ competition. [Allan Dixon - Outback Adventurer] Allan, a DCU graduate, beat out 600,000 other applicants to win the job, launching a massive media campaign via Facebook, Twitter and [...]
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24 June 2013 - Blog Clippings

Fashion disaster – Dolce and Gabbana handed jail terms for tax evasion

Fashion duo Dolce and Gabbana are expected to rock the orange jumpsuit look this season while they spend 20 months in jail for tax evasion. In April, the pair was fined €343 million for tax evasion after they funnelled their company’s profits through a holding company in Luxembourg to avoid paying Italy’s corporate tax rate. [...]
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20 June 2013 - Blog Clippings GAA Competition Winners Announced

On Friday May 17th, launched a GAA Competition via our Facebook page giving our customers and fans the chance to win some amazing prizes for themselves and their GAA Clubs. The idea was simple; all you had to do was upload up to three pictures which you felt best represented GAA in Australia. Then [...]
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13 June 2013 - Blog Clippings

Tax relief on uniforms for HM Forces Officers

The Ministry of Defence has announced that from 2014, serving officers of HM Forces will get a tax free allowance to pay for the cost of cleaning their uniforms. Some employees, who are required to wear ‘special’ clothing or uniforms in their jobs, are entitled to tax relief for the costs of its upkeep. However, [...]
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12 June 2013 - Blog Clippings

Win an Exciting Australian Travel Adventure

Fancy winning a free Australian Travel Adventure worth $1,500? The end of the Australian tax year on June 30th is a big deal for us, so we decided to make it a big deal for you too by giving you the chance to win an Australian Travel Adventure worth $1,500. Three lucky winners will win [...]
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10 June 2013 - Blog Clippings

Revenue Extends Property Tax Deadline

Revenue has announced that the deadline for filing your LPT return has been extended to tonight following a surge in registrations yesterday. Last night, Revenue received a massive number of calls to their helpline and reported an online filing rate of around 10,000 returns per hour. Revenue has said it is happy with the level [...]
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29 May 2013 - Blog Clippings

May 28th LPT deadline is here

Today is the last day to file your LPT return online. The tax will start being charged from July 1st. Over the last few months there has been much discussion and dissatisfaction over the LPT. At every stage of the way Revenue has tried to make information regarding the tax payment as freely available and [...]
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28 May 2013 - Blog Clippings

Win prizes with’s ‘Tell a Friend’ programme

If you’ve filed your tax return with us, then you’ll know how quick and simple it is. We always suggest you recommend us to any of your friends who also need to file a tax return, but did you know you can win prizes for doing so? Thanks to our ‘Tell a Friend’ programme, if you have [...]
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21 May 2013 - Blog Clippings

Google in the spotlight again for questionable tax reporting

Recent arguments concerning the way in which Google reports its income tax have developed between the company and members of the British Parliament. Google’s European headquarters is in Dublin, and any purchase or transaction must go through this office rather than various destinations. Concerns about Google not following this procedure arose when Margaret Hodge, Chair [...]
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17 May 2013 - Blog Clippings

Irishman makes final three in ‘Best Jobs in the World’ competition

A few months back, we wrote about Tourism Australia’s ‘Best Jobs in the World’ competition. Well today, we’re delighted to report that one of the finalists is a young man from Ireland. The man himself, Allan Dixon, is flying to Australia next month to give it all he’s got in a battle for the position [...]
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16 May 2013 - Blog Clippings

UK Tax Myths finally debunked!

At we value our customers’ opinion. Many have shared their concerns with us that applying for a tax refund could interfere with their benefits and even lead to unwanted problems in the future. We have noticed that there are some very common tax myths and rumours among non-UK residents that bother them and stop [...]
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16 May 2013 - Blog Clippings

Amazon in hot water about tax payments

The spark against Amazon tax payments has once again caught fire. Last year, the government gave loans and grants of £2.5 million for operating less prosperous warehouses, such as building a road to the warehouse in Swansea. Despite the loans and the £4 billion the company comprised, they only paid a mere £2.4 million in [...]
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15 May 2013 - Blog Clippings

Singer Lauryn Hill jailed for tax evasion

Hip hop artist Lauryn Hill has been sentenced to three months in prison, three months house arrest, one year’s probation and a $60,000 (€45,000) fine for federal tax evasion. After failing to file tax returns between 2005 and 2007, Hill faced a three year jail sentence and fines on more than $1.8 million unpaid taxes. [...]
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08 May 2013 - Blog Clippings

The uneasy relationship between Multinationals and Tax

Corporate giants allegedly using tax avoidance tactics.   Questions are being raised over the methods which multinational giants use to avoid paying their often astronomical tax liabilities. The point has been raised that in our increasingly global economy, multinational companies are far too easily avoiding tax payment obligations in countries where they have a large [...]
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07 May 2013 - Blog Clippings

Local Property Tax Return Deadlines Looming

Deadlines just around the corner: 07 May for Paper Returns and 28 May for Online Returns.   Revenue has confirmed that in the last month it has issued letters in respect of 1.6 million properties to homeowners in Ireland, so by now you should have received your LPT pack from the Revenue, comprising your LPT [...]
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03 May 2013 - Blog Clippings’s Green Project

A few years ago as part of our CSR initiative, started the Green Project, a project which encourages eco-friendliness and minimal environmental impact. The biggest change we introduced as a result of this project is our paper recycling and shredding bins, which are located in every office. For the most part, documents are [...]
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01 May 2013 - Blog Clippings

Missed the US tax filing deadline? It’s not too late…

April 15th marked the end of the US tax year. If you missed the deadline, it’s still worth filing you US tax return as it’s preferable to file a late tax return rather than not file one at all. Filing sooner rather than later will help reduce IRS penalties. Unsure of where to start? We’ve collected a [...]
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29 April 2013 - Blog Clippings

New Guide to LPT

Things haven’t exactly been running smoothly with the new Local Property Tax (LPT), with many people still confused over what they should be paying and when; how much their house is worth exactly, and what tax band they are in. Luckily, The Irish Tax Institute and the Society of Chartered Surveyors of Ireland have launched [...]
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25 April 2013 - Blog Clippings

Increase Your Income by Claiming US Royalty Refunds

Looking for inspiration for your next story is time-consuming and exhausting. So, who wants to spend valuable writing and research time poring over IRS tax forms and getting sucked into endless back and forth postal correspondence with an IRS representative in a faraway office? But then, on the other hand, that extra 30% of income [...]
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23 April 2013 - Blog Clippings Donates $5,000 to Greenheart Club

Earlier this month, we donated $5,000 to the Greenheart Club to provide travel scholarship opportunities to its members. Greenheart is dedicated to the development of a global community living a sustainable life in alignment with nature. They work towards this goal through their array of programmes which promote personal development, fair trade, cultural exchange, volunteerism [...]
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22 April 2013 - Blog Clippings

Emigrants face income hit for not declaring local property tax

Revenue has announced that it will withhold rental payments Irish emigrants receive for their former homes if they fail to pay the local property tax. Many Irish people have emigrated and now rent out their houses in Ireland to make extra cash to pay off their Celtic Tiger era mortgages. Originally it was thought that [...]
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19 April 2013 - Blog Clippings

Ryanair attempting to claim €770,000 VAT refund

Ryanair is appealing the decision of the Revenue Commission to deny the company a VAT refund on the professional fees they incurred while attempting to gain a 100% shareholding in Aer Lingus. The Revenue Commission, Circuit Court and High Court stating that these fees are not eligible for a VAT refund, as acquiring shares in [...]
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11 April 2013 - Blog Clippings

IRS looking to tax employee benefits at tech firms

The IRS is debating whether workers at technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Zynga and Twitter should have to pay tax on free benefits provided by their employers. It is well known that these firms treat their employees incredibly well, providing them with free gourmet lunches and free shuttle buses to work, among other benefits. [...]
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09 April 2013 - Blog Clippings

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian’s alleged tax violation

Lamar Odom and his wife Khloe Kardashian could possibly be charged with tax fraud after an ESPN investigation found that their charity, Cathy’s Kids, has not donated any of the money raised to cancer related causes. ‘Cathy’s Kids’ was founded by Lamar Odom in 2004 in honour of his late mother Cathy who died of [...]
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05 April 2013 - Blog Clippings

Local Property Tax: A Discussion about Deferrals

The system in place for deferrals of the LPT has been documented and reported on by a number of outlets and commentators. It allows for a full or partial deferral of the charge, subject to interest at 4% per annum. That a deferral system is in place at all is to be welcomed. However, most [...]
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03 April 2013 - Blog Clippings

Dolce and Gabanna fined €343 million for tax evasion

Italian fashion designers are having a tough time with their taxes lately. Only two weeks after Bulgari’s tax debacle, Dolce and Gabbana have gotten themselves into hot water on the tax front. Yesterday, Domenico Dolce and Stefana Gabanna were ordered by a Milan court to pay a €343.3 million fine, plus interest, for tax evasion. [...]
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02 April 2013 - Blog Clippings

Last few days of the Facebook Photo Comp

Last week we told you about our Facebook Travel Adventures Photo competition. Well, there’s only four days left to get your photos in. Time’s up on midnight March 31st, so get submitting now for the chance to win $500AUD! With 309 votes, the current leader is a snap of camels resting by the pyramids in [...]
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27 March 2013 - Blog Clippings

Win AUD$500 for your favourite travel photo is giving you the chance to display your pictures to a wide audience and win a prize in the process. Whether you’re a serious photographer, or someone who just likes to take pics on your iPhone, everyone has snapped at least one amazing photo on their travels which takes their breath away and inspires [...]
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21 March 2013 - Blog Clippings

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