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How it Works partners with blue chip multinationals, financial institutions, recruiters, visa sponsors, work and travel companies, bloggers, universities, hotels and travel agencies to provide global tax return and refund services. provide our Global Travellers with a seamless & efficient tax return service after the completion of their international working holiday. We’d highly recommend them for the client & commercial services they offer.

- Jürgen Himmelmann
Director & Co-Founder

We've been working closely with for several years and they have helped Go4Less Work Abroad Visa customers claim back their US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Irish tax refunds.

- Caroline O’Brien
Manager were extremely easy to deal with and professional in their approach and most importantly they managed to simplify complex tax issues for our staff.

- Donal O'Sullivan
Head of Human Resources, Novartis staff are knowledgeable and professional, and act as a great resource to our students. The fact that our participants are contacted in their own language makes the often complex task of filing a US tax refund simple and easy for them.

- Elizabeth O’Neill
Executive Vice President

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