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Did you know that Belgium has one of the highest tax rates in Europe? If you have worked in Belgium, you could be eligible to claim back a substantial tax refund.

Tax Services

Belgian Tax Refunds

Looking to get your Belgian tax back? If you’ve worked in Belgium, you’ve worked in a country with one of the highest tax rates in Europe and could be due a tax refund. Taxback.com will file your tax return for you to check if you’re due a tax refund. Our customers get an average Belgian tax rebate of €2,300 so apply for your refund today!

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Belgian Tax Refunds for Seafarers

The tax rules for Belgian sailors can be more complicated than normal tax rules, leading to some sailors being overtaxed. If you’re sailing on a Belgium-registered ship, we’ll check what allowances you’re entitled to so we can increase your Belgian tax refund. Talk to us today about filing your Belgian tax return.

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Belgian Tax Back for Students

Are you a student that worked in Belgium temporarily? Perhaps you spent a summer there or worked part-time while you studied. If so, talk to us about getting your tax refund from Belgium. We’ll file your Belgian tax return to see if you’re due a tax refund, and we’ll get you the maximum legal tax refund possible. Your refund could go towards paying for college… or more travelling!

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Belgian Tax Refunds for Couples

There are so many great things about being married, but did you know one of them is that as a married or legally registered couple you could get a bigger tax refund? This is because married or legally registered couples can avail of a higher tax-free allowance in Belgium. Talk to us about filing a joint Belgian tax return today.

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