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Taxback Autorization Terms and Conditions

Legal Information and Terms of Usage

Taxback is a trading name for the services of Taxback Inc., Chicago, USA and its parent company Taxback, Ireland and its subsidiaries and representative companies.

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, we will ensure your personal information is protected, as described in our Privacy Policy.

Our Guarantee

Taxback guarantees that it will use its best endeavours to organise any due refund of income tax for people who have worked in any of the countries advertised on www.taxback.com

Taxback will organise the refund of the maximum amount possible based on the information and documentation provided by its customers and in line with the legal entitlements and obligations of the customer within the tax law of the country from which the tax refund is being reclaimed.

Where there is a change in the applicable tax law in the country from which the tax refund is being reclaimed, or in the interpretation or implementation of the rules and laws by the tax authorities of that country, Taxback will meet its commitment to organise the refund to the degree allowed by the law. The decision of the exact value of any refund due or amount owed is the decision of the relevant Tax Authority.

Taxback will provide the refund as expediently as possible, subject to the provision of the necessary documents by the customers and the efficient processing of the refund application by the relevant tax office.

Exceptions to our tax refund responsibilities

Taxback is not responsible for the refund of tax where:

· the customer has provided information which is false, inaccurate, incorrect, insufficient or misleading in any way;
· the customer has already received a refund;
· the customer has already applied for a refund, either directly or through another person, natural or legal;
· the customer owes money to the tax authority.
· the tax authority has different information on its system than that provided by the customer
· the tax authority information leads to a decision that the customer is not due a refund. Where there is a possible case for appeal within the law, such measures will be taken by Taxback, where the customer information enables it to do so.

Taxback will endeavour to help the customer resolve these issues, provided it receives all necessary information and instruction from the customer.

We reserve the right to reject applications that We may reasonably believe, or suspect may intentionally or unintentionally violate any applicable local, State, Federal or international law.

Power of Attorney

When the customer signs a Power of Attorney permitting Taxback to organise his/her refunds, he/she is agreeing to pay the fee to Taxback for the organisation of the refund. If the customer has signed a Power of Attorney authorising Taxback to organise his/her refunds, and has, with or without his or her knowledge, applied or authorised any other person, natural or legal, to organise the same refund, he/she will owe Taxback the fee for the organisation of a refund, notwithstanding that the customer has obtained a refund otherwise than with the assistance of Taxback.

If the relevant tax office sends the due refund to the customer directly, rather than to Taxback, the customer still owes the processing fee in full to Taxback for the service rendered, which resulted in the issuing of the refund.

If the customer does not pay this fee, pursuant to the information above on a voluntary basis or on request from Taxback, Taxback reserves the right to:

1. Take legal action to pursue the customer for the fee due
2. Publish the name of the customer as a Bad Debtor in the local newspaper, on the taxback.com website and other media if the fee has not been paid within the rational terms given.
3. Report the customer as a Bad Debtor to the relevant financial institutions in the country of the customer.
Once authorised and registered as your tax agent with the relevant Tax Authority, all correspondence regarding your application must be handled directly by Taxback. Any measure taken by you, the customer, to make direct contact with the tax office without first consulting Taxback will be considered as a breach of contract and our relevant processing fee will still apply for all processing work completed by us during the application process.

By signing and completing our documentation:

You understand that you will be contacted by Taxback after using any of the online tax calculator(s). You can opt out of receiving any further correspondence by emailing unsubscribe@taxback.com.

You understand that Taxback will issue a refund estimation on receipt of your completed and signed forms. You understand that receipt of your completed documentation authorises Taxback to submit your application to the relevant tax office. Should you wish to cancel your application, you will contact Taxback immediately. You understand that while Taxback will make every effort to recall your application, this may not be possible.


All emails to the customer will be sent to the email address provided by the customer at registration. Taxback will expect that the customer will ensure there is sufficient space in his/her inbox to receive all emails and that the customer checks his/her email regularly - regularly being about three times a week.

Minimum Fee

Taxback has a minimum fee for each tax refund application. The relevant fee for each of our tax services is listed within the appropriate section of our website.

Depending on the tax country from which the refund is being organised, a contingency fee may be charged where the refund amount is greater than the minimum fee. For more information on our contingency fee, please email fees@taxback.com.

For additional value-added services provided by Taxback to the customer, additional fees will be charged to cover associated administrative and management costs.

Such additional services include, but are not limited to, document retrieval, personal number (e.g. SSN, PPS, NIN, TFN) verification, residency and non-residency document organisation where relevant, amendment preparation for previous returns, and certain payment options.

For more information about the fee for the additional services rendered for an individual case, please email fees@taxback.com.

Refund Issuance

Taxback will send the refund to the customer as agreed per communication with the customer.

Depending on the tax being refunded, the usual method is by bank transfer. Tax refunds received by bank transfer can be transferred to the customers account in any currency they choose. Customers may also opt to receive their tax refund by cheque, however in this case Taxback can not guarantee that the cheque can be issued in the customer’s preferred currency. Customers wishing to receive their tax refund by cheque should notify Taxback of the currency they wish to receive their cheque in as early as possible in the tax refund process. Taxback will contact the customer at the time of refund to offer different payment options and at this stage should be supplied with bank details for the refund transfer.

Where Taxback receives the money from the tax office, it will deduct its fee, plus necessary tax, from the amount sent to the customer. In the case of German, Dutch, Danish and Luxembourg tax refunds, the customer will pay the fee and necessary tax in advance and the cheque is sent in full to the customer by the tax authorities.

Bank Charges

In the case of payment by cheque, Taxback has no control over the fees charged locally by banks in cashing the cheque. Taxback has developed different payment methods in many markets in order to offer the customer a choice. Taxback will inform the customer, to the best of its knowledge, what the local charges are by local banks. Taxback will not be liable for any changes in local bank charges, any currency exchange rates by the banks or any time period that the bank takes to cash the cheque. Taxback will apply an administration fee for the provision of additional payment options, which are highly administrative in nature. Taxback informs the customer when the choice of payment option is offered.

Taxback will apply its Payment Options procedure to obtain the payment options choice of the client. Should the client fail to communicate his/her payment option choice within six months, Taxback will reserve the right to amend the terms of the Power of Attorney section and apply them at its discretion until the client reverts.

Some refund entitlements of the customer are not issued by the Tax Authorities in the form of a cheque, for example they are reimbursed by decreasing the tax liabilities or other financial liabilities of the client. Where such refund entitlements are organized by Taxback, the total financial benefit to the customer arising from the work of Taxback will be used as the basis for the estimation of the fee due.

Taxback Estimator

The Taxback estimator is an estimation tool only. It should be used solely for the purpose that it is intended. All estimations provided by the Taxback online estimators are an indicator of what the customer may be entitled to based on the information inputted by the customer. Final amounts due to the customer will depend upon the information and data on actual documents submitted, the information made available and the decision of the Tax Office.


Unless requested to do otherwise by the customer, Taxback will advise current and past customers of:
· All new refunds that they may be entitled to as and when information becomes available from the respective tax authorities;
· All new services that they may avail of with Taxback;
· All new services offered by Taxback and associated companies.

Amendments to Terms and Conditions

From time to time, Taxback may amend or add to these Terms and Conditions should the need arise. Such changes will be posted on the web-site terms and conditions and customers are advised to check it regularly to receive these updates.


The submission of a registration to Taxback, by web, post, hand, fax, or email, constitutes agreement to these Terms & Conditions, including amendments thereto, by the customer.

Confidentiality and Data Handling

Taxback ensures that all client information is held as private and confidential. Information collected in writing and/or verbally for tax return filing services can and may be used for internal auditing purposes by Taxback and provided to the relevant Tax Office for external auditing purposes. Please note that all our calls are recorded for training and information purposes.
All documents sent to us are handled according to our document management system which is covered by the scope of Taxback's ISO 9001:2015 certificate. This system has been designed in order to reduce the volume of paper we receive while ensuring the highest standards of confidentiality and compliance are upheld. You can read our document management policy in full by clicking here.

In addition to requesting documentation and information from You, We will complete additional checks to verify Your identity, these additional checks include but are not limited to sanctions check and checks of other available information sources. By applying to use the Taxback Service You consent to Us using any additional checks We deem appropriate. All such checks will be conducted in accordance with Our Privacy Policy.

Customer Feedback

Should the customer like to query the quality of service delivered at any time, he/she is invited to email us at customerrelations@taxback.com. We will guarantee that the email will be replied to within 48 hours.

SIM & ATM Card Services

Taxback operates a strict no refund policy for SIM Card and ATM Card services/products. In exceptional circumstance a partial refund of the fee may be considered.
Taxback will post all SIM and ATM Cards mail by standard delivery. A €10/ $6 surcharge applies where mail is to be sent via special delivery. Approximate delivery periods are: between 3 and 5 working days* within Ireland and between 10 and 12 days* for international deliveries – these delivery terms are estimates only.

Tax Number Services

Taxback acts as an agent or provides client support in the preparation and submission of applications or services related to processing Tax Identification/Filing Numbers for the following countries: USA, Australia, Canada, the UK and New Zealand.

These services include but are not limited to: Employer Identification Numbers (EINs), Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs), Australian Business Numbers (ABNs), Tax Filing Numbers (TFNs), Inland Revenue Department Number (IRD Number), Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN), Canadian Individual Tax Number (ITN), Canadian Business Number (BN), UK National Insurance Number (NIN) and are subject to the Taxback terms and conditions.

Taxback cannot influence any of the following: any decision made by a competent authority; any requests for additional information before finalising the application process; any delay by a taxation authority in case of tax returns, any delay by a custodian authority in case of EIN, ITIN, NIN, ABN, TFN or IRD; or a decision to refuse or grant EIN, ITIN, NIN, ABN, TFN or IRD registration.

Fees for our tax number services are listed in the fees section of the taxback.com website. Taxback reserves right to change/ alter fees based on specific promotional offers or additional services included (e.g. combined applications – e.g. when a customer opts to purchase a tax number and tax return together). For more information on fees, email: fees@taxback.com

All fees for tax numbers are paid by the client prior to submitting the application to the relevant authority. When the client agrees to the terms and conditions, submits their application(s) and pays the Taxback processing fee, the client is authorising Taxback to process the application for the service selected. If the client has contacted or authorised another service provider for the same service, prior to or after taxback.com application, with or without his or her knowledge, natural or legal, notwithstanding that the customer has obtained a tax number otherwise than with the assistance of Taxback, the processing fee is non-refundable and will be used to cover the expenses associated with submitting the tax application.

If, after registering for tax number services. with Taxback you wish to withdraw your application and the application has not been submitted to the relevant authorities, an administration fee applies and all processing charges of banks for returning the rest of the payment should be at the expense of the customer. In cases where Taxback already submitted the application on the customer's behalf, the application fee is non-refundable.

*Taxback bears no responsibility for delivery problems or failure.