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The Taxback Group makes a donation to Jack & Jill

23 April 2015

We’re proud to have the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation as one of our charity partners. The work that they do every day is nothing short of amazing.

We first became aware of the work Jack and Jill does when one of our colleagues had a little girl that was born with serious complications. She described the moment that she was introduced to the charity as ‘the only lifeline extended to us when our world was turned upside down in an instant.’

The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation provides home respite care for families of children with brain damage up to the age of 4 who have suffered severe intellectual and physical developmental delay. The charity also provides palliative care for children.

Helping children is a fundamental part of our corporate social responsibility programme. We were delighted to present Nurse Joanne from Jack & Jill with a cheque for €10,000 this month. This amount will provide 625 hours of nursing for children in need. If you’d like to make a donation to Jack & Jill or find out more about what they do, click here.

CSR Initiatives

The Taxback Group makes a donation to Jack & Jill

Helping children is a fundamental part of The Taxback Group corporate social responsibility programme. We're delighted to support the Jack and Jill Children's Foundation.
23 April 2015 - Stiri Great Irish Bake for Temple Street

Once again this year, we took part in the Great Irish Bake for Temple Street. All of the proceeds from this year's cake sale went towards building a new Neurology and Renal Outpatients Unit.
20 April 2015 - Stiri adopts a pig for Jack and Jill recently participated in the 'Pigs on Parade' auction that was run by the Jack and Jill children's charity. We are now the proud owners of a brightly decorated porcelain pig!
31 March 2015 - Stiri funds Temple Street’s Pet Therapy programme

Being in hospital is a stressful time and even more so for a child. Temple Street's Pet Therapy Programme arranges for a specially trained dog to visit the hospital once a week. These faithful canine companions do a great job of taking the kids' minds off their illnesses.
27 March 2015 - Stiri

The Taxback Group Supports The Cancer Clinical Research Trust

This week The Taxback Group made a donation to The Cancer Clinical Research Trust. We're proud to support a charity that is carrying out such vital work in the fight against cancer.
27 March 2015 - Stiri

Charity Boxing Match for O'Neill Centre

Four members of The Taxback Group swapped their suits for boxing gear in a White Collar Boxing Challenge for the O'Neill Centre. After 8 weeks of training, the guys took to the ring for a dramatic fight night.
09 March 2015 - Stiri Supports the Dublin Choral Foundation

Our latest CSR initiative was to sponsor the Dublin Choral Foundation. The Foundation is comprised of two choirs: The Lassus Scholars (young adults) and the Piccolo Lasso (children).
04 December 2014 - Stiri supports Life Project Cambodia

Our Sydney Office has a strong relationship with Life Project Cambodia so they put it forward as one of the charities they wanted to support in 2014. We're involved with the charity's 'Student Sponsorship Program' which aims to improve the lives of children from impoverished backgrounds.
17 November 2014 - Stiri

Art therapy for sick children

For the last four years, we've been sponsoring an art therapy programme for cancer patients in a children's hospital.
30 September 2014 - Stiri makes donation to the Jack & Jill Foundation has donated €10,000 to our charity partner, the Jack & Jill Foundation. We're delighted to be able to support the extremely valuable work that this charity is doing. The donation has been made as part of the ongoing corporate social responsibility that our company carries out.
13 September 2014 - Stiri promoting teen mental health in Kilkenny

This week we donated €1,000 to Foroige Kilkenny to support their free counselling service for teenagers in Kilkenny. This service is part of a 5-year suicide prevention plan in Kilkenny.
31 July 2014 - Stiri runs for Jack and Jill

Yesterday, members of staff from ran in the 12th annual Great Ireland Run to raise money for The Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation. The 10km race, which took place on a gloriously sunny day in Dublin’s Phoenix Park, drew over 8,000 people this year, including hundreds of professional athletes for the elite race and [...]
07 April 2014 - Stiri and Connect Ireland raise money for Debra Ireland

On March 9th, members of the and Connect Ireland jointly sponsored a 10K race in the Wicklow Mountains to raise money for Debra Ireland. Debra Ireland is a charity which drives research into treatments for epidermolysis bullosa – a painful and debilitating skin condition – in addition to supporting those living with EB and [...]
14 March 2014 - Stiri continues supporting CCI Greenheart

Last year, we were delighted to be able to donate to The Greenheart Club, part of CCI Greenheart, to help them with the cost of providing unique travel scholarship opportunities to their members. This year, we are delighted to announce that we are donating $1,400 to CCI Greenheart, money which will go towards funding their [...]
07 March 2014 - Stiri donates $500 to Ronald McDonald House Fundraiser

All fundraising tasks are worthwhile, but some are harder than others – that’s why when we heard one of our partners was undertaking a 1000km cycle for charity, we felt he really deserved sponsorship. Over the last week, Andrew Coldbeck, who works with our partner The Jobshop Australia, undertook a gruelling 1000km cycle (yes, one [...]
13 November 2013 - Stiri donates $500 to Smiddy Challenge for cancer research.

It’s a sad fact that despite the vast improvements in diagnosis and treatment, cancer still causes approximately 12.7 million deaths per year. Everyone knows the vital role fundraisers play in this fight against cancer; raising the money necessary to research new cancer treatments. That’s why when Renee Ker, Travel Manager with our partners Gilligans Travels, [...]
02 August 2013 - Stiri to raise money for CanTeen in City2Surf Challenge

Over the past eight months, has been fundraising and donating to the charity CanTeen in order to fund the vital work they do in supporting young people aged 12 to 24 who are struggling directly or indirectly with cancer in their lives. As part of our fundraising efforts, this year members of our Sydney [...]
22 July 2013 - Stiri

Fundraising Evening held for Stephen O’ Connor in Sydney (CSR)

In December 2012, Stephen O’Connor travelled home to Ireland with his girlfriend Michelle to enjoy the Christmas period. Tragically, Stephen collapsed in a shopping centre while at home and died suddenly. There was no clear cause for Stephen’s death so it was deemed to be due to Adult Sudden Death Syndrome. Had a defibrillator been [...]
30 June 2013 - Stiri

Step it up for Cancer Research!

The Taxback Group is sponsoring in the annual Cancer Clinical Research Trust (CCRT) cliff walk on Saturday 14th September 2013, and we want you to join us! The 5km walk encompasses the beautiful hillside scenery from Bray to Greystones. Following the walk, participants will be transported to the Esplanade Hotel in Bray where they can [...]
22 May 2013 - Stiri makes donation to the Greenheart Club

This year, we have focused on expanding our global CSR initiative; most recently, we donated $5,000 to The Greenheart Club, part of Greenheart International, to provide travel scholarship opportunities to its members. Greenheart International works towards the establishment of an interactive, global community, who choose to live in a way which is kind to our [...]
10 May 2013 - Stiri makes donation towards Astro-turf pitch in Kilkenny Gaelscoil

Gaelscoils, popular throughout Ireland, are schools where the children learn through the Gaelic language, the ancient indigenous language of Ireland. Gaelscoil Osraí in Kilkenny is one such school. Children, parents and teachers there are determined to build an all-weather astro-turf pitch within their school grounds, so that the children will be able to actively participate [...]
08 May 2013 - Stiri

Canine Companions for Temple Street recently made a donation to fund Temple Street Children’s Hospital’s Pet Therapy programme. Everybody knows how vital medication is in helping children recover from illnesses, but that’s only one part of their treatment. Other aspects such as emotional wellbeing, peace of mind and overall comfort have to be taken into account; that’s where the [...]
02 May 2013 - Stiri’s CSR Initiative donates €1,000 to Foróige DRUM Youth Centre

On Friday 12th of April’s CSR Initiative donated €1,000 to the Foróige DRUM Youth Centre. Kate Carroll from the centre, along with three Transition Year Students from Presentation Secondary School, Kilkenny, came into the Kilkenny office to be presented with the cheque by Business Development Manager Eamon Clune. The money raised will go towards [...]
17 April 2013 - Stiri raises money for O’ Neill Centre

On Friday March 15th as part of our ongoing CSR initiative, the team in Kilkenny dressed in green to raise money for Enable Ireland’s O’ Neill Centre. In a tribute to the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, staff members donned their finest green attire – from sporting a green wig to dressing head to toe [...]
28 March 2013 - Stiri

CanTeen: Fun with the Crew

Living with cancer is difficult at any stage of life, but particularly when you’re young. CanTeen is an Australian Organisation that provides support to young people between the ages of 12 and 24 who are living with Cancer. Members of our Sydney office were inspired by the programmes and initiatives run by CanTeen Australia [...]
20 February 2013 - Stiri

CSR Activity in Cluj

The latest CSR initiative undertaken by took place in Romania this week. Staff members in our Cluj office arranged to donate €2,000 to a Social Services Centre. The centre supports abandoned children and old people who are in need of shelter, food and education. The money donated will provide much-needed supplies for the centre. [...]
17 January 2013 - Stiri

Max the Dog brings joy to Temple Street Hospital, Dublin

A stay in hospital is very difficult for a child to cope with, no matter how short it is. However, children that face long-term stays in hospital can find the time passes particularly slowly. For that reason, we thought it was a lovely idea to sponsor the ‘Pet Therapy’ initiative in Temple Street. Through this [...]
26 September 2012 - Stiri

A hike through Wicklow for Special Olympics!

When we’re choosing CSR projects, we like to do things that our staff can get involved in, rather than merely just making a donation. We thought it would be nice to engage in an outdoor activity some weekend and so the Wicklow Walking Festival which was being organised by Special Olympics really appealed to us. [...]
03 August 2012 - Stiri makes donation to Jack & Jill

This week, made a donation to the Jack & Jill Children’s foundation as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative. The Jack and Jill foundation provides funding to families of children who suffer severe intellectual and physical developmental delay. The donation of €10,720 will pay for over 700 hours of home respite for affected [...]
26 July 2012 - Stiri

New sensory garden for Kilkenny

Once The Taxback Group directors pledged the donation, no time was wasted in getting started. It was an ambitious project and one which demanded help from all sides. The Enable Ireland-run facility called on workers, friends, parents and volunteers to help with transforming of the space. staff members were also keen to roll up [...]
20 July 2012 - Stiri makes a donation to Cancer Research

At, we take our Corporate Social Responsibilities very seriously. We choose our charities carefully and try to benefit a range of different charities across the countries in which our offices are built. The Cancer Clinical Research Trust carries out pioneering work within improving treatment for cancer patients. The development of new treatments requires integrated research, [...]
04 July 2012 - Stiri

The Taxback Group makes donation to Muscular Dystrophy Ireland

In June 2012, The Taxback Group made a donation of €1,500 to Muscular Dystrophy Ireland (MDI). MDI is a charity which provides support for people and their families who are living with muscular dystrophy. Muscular dystrophy (MD) is a collective term for a range of neuromuscular conditions. It is characterised by the progressive weakening and [...]
12 June 2012 - Stiri play initiative for the children of Haiti joined forces with the International Orphanage Development Programme (IODP) to give the gift of play to thousands of children orphaned by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Recognising that play is an integral part of a child’s development, a scheme was launched to provide 12,000 footballs for the children in Haiti. The footballs were recently distributed [...]
12 January 2012 - Stiri provides art therapy for Bulgarian Hospital

As part of our global Corporate Social Responsibility programme, we formed a strong relationship with the Sveta Marina Hospital in Varna, Bulgaria. This hospital is one of   three clinics which specialises in treating children with cancer in Bulgaria. In 2008, we raised crucial funds for the refurbishment of the Children’s Haematology and Oncology Clinic and [...]
10 November 2011 - Stiri raises 6000 EUR for ISPCC

Our 10K Kilkenny Run took place on Saturday 9th July with over 250 people walking, running and jogging to raise over €6,000 for the ISPCC. There were some exceptional running performances on the day and every single person who took part helped to make the event a great success. Tommy Evans was the first man [...]
14 July 2011 - Stiri

Can you run 10k for ISPCC?

We’re holding a 10k race in Kilkenny with all proceeds going to benefit ISPCC, Ireland’s leading children’s charity. Time is ticking with just 11 days until the race so if you haven’t registered yet, sign up now. The race, which will take place on Saturday 9th July, is part of our community outreach programme and [...]
01 July 2011 - Stiri

Challenge Complete for Cluney Tunes

On the 11th of June a fighting fit team of and staff participated in one of the most gruelling endurance tests in the world. This team, known as The Cluney Tunes, undertook the infamously rigorous Caledonian Challenge. This demanding feat consists of walking 54 miles (two marathons) in just 24 hours. While undertaking [...]
17 June 2011 - Stiri funds library for children

We take our Corporate Social Responsibilities very seriously and we like to help charities all over the world. The latest presentation we made was to the Indreni Children’s Home in Kathmandu. Many of the children in the home come from extremely impoverished backgrounds. The poverty and tough family situations in Nepal force many children to [...]
10 May 2011 - Stiri unveiled as new sponsor of James Stephens G.A.A. Club recently became the main sponsor of the James Stephens G.A.A. Club in Kilkenny. has long been integrated into the fabric of Kilkenny community life so it was only a matter of time before it crept into onto the GAA stage! “We’re absolutely delighted to be sponsoring James Stephens We have long admired [...]
01 February 2011 - Stiri Christmas donation to the Homeless

Christmas often makes us think of those who aren’t fortunate enough to spend the festive season with loved ones. As December has been bitterly cold this year, our Dublin office started to think about how the company could help the homeless. We recently heard about about the amazing work that the Capuchin Day Centre does [...]
24 December 2010 - Stiri

Success for Kilkenny triathlon

The first ever river-based triathlon in Kilkenny took place over the weekend. Over 500 triathletes of all ages and abilities set off on the sponsored event which began with a bracing swim in the River Nore. The Olympic distance event was won by Mark Horan who finished the race in an impressive 2 hours, [...]
26 July 2010 - Stiri Kilkenny Triathlon to Boost Local Economy is proud to announce our sponsorship of the first ever open water triathlon in Kilkenny on 24 July 2010. The Kilkenny Triathlon will provide a positive boost for Kilkenny’s local economy and sports community with an expected 500 participants for the event. has an office in Kilkenny and our CEO Terry Clune [...]
07 April 2010 - Stiri Working with Concern has formed an affinity partnership with Concern Worldwide to raise funds for those living in extreme poverty. Concern Worldwide is an international humanitarian organisation which has been dedicated to reducing suffering and ending extreme poverty for more than 40 years. By using to file your Irish tax return, you can help support Concern [...]
05 February 2010 - Stiri

How the Separated Children Celebrated Christmas

By Tom McEnaney They were told to order what they liked and they did. Both floors of Madina’s Desi Curry in Dublin on were booked as more than half of the 90 Separated Children living in institutions across the capital enjoyed their first day out thanks to, MCD and Swan Cinema. There was an [...]
25 January 2010 - Stiri Haiti Orphan Fund’s Haiti Orphan Fund is dedicated to providing relief for the tens of thousands of earthquake affected orphans in Haiti. The initiative is being led by with the support of Irish individuals and businesses including the International Orphanage Development Programme (IODP). Thousands of children were orphaned by the January 12th 7.0 magnitude earthquake that [...]
22 January 2010 - Stiri

Christmas at Sveta Marina Hospital shared in Christmas celebrations with the children and families of the Children’s Oncology and Haematology Clinic at Sveta Marina Hospital in Varna, Bulgaria. has been working with Sveta Marina Hospital since 2008 when we sponsored BGN 16,000 (€8000) worth of construction to the ward as part of a complete renovation of the clinic. [...]
04 January 2010 - Stiri and Habitat for Humanity in Korea’s staff are working with Habitat for Humanity Korea to help less fortunate children in Seoul. Habitat for Humanity is an international non-profit housing organisation dedicated to eliminating poverty housing and homelessness. This month our office in Korea volunteered with Habitat for Humanity Korea to help prepare Geumcheon Children’s Centre in Seoul for the winter. [...]
17 November 2009 - Stiri

Improved Education for Disadvantaged Children is sponsoring a new tutor for less fortunate children in Bratislava, Slovakia to ensure they have the opportunity to get a better education and a better future. The Fortuna social centre, which is run by non-government organisation Usmev ako Dar, accommodates about 80 struggling families including 68 children aged 7 to 16 and 23 [...]
27 October 2009 - Stiri

ICEF Conference in Sao Paulo attended the ICEF South America conference in Sao Paulo and donated 100 cherry trees as business gifts to help reduce CO2 emissions. This initiative was in association with World Tree Day and we hope that our partners and their families will enjoy these trees in many years to come both for their beauty and [...]
07 October 2009 - Stiri

Chambers Ireland Awards last night attended the 2009 Chambers Ireland’s President’s Awards for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Companies from around Ireland and abroad attended the event to celebrate socially and environmentally responsible business. We were shortlisted for Best International CSR Programme for our
25 September 2009 - Stiri

Another 383kgs of Food for Brazil Charity

Click here to read this story in Portuguese. and our partner True Experience Belo Horizonte joined forces again this year to raise 383kgs of food for a local children’s nursery. On August 29th more than 420 students attended a and True Experience party to celebrate their time abroad. As an entry fee, all [...]
30 August 2009 - Stiri

Kilkenny Festival Success

The Kilkenny Arts Festival finished on the weekend and was a huge success with visitors up 25% on last year. sponsored all children’s tickets to the event this year – enabling 2000 local kids to have free attendance. The festival, which ran from August 7-16, included a huge variety of family arts events such [...]
19 August 2009 - Stiri

2000 Kids go Free to Kilkenny Arts Festival

All children will have free attendance to children’s events at the 2009 Kilkenny Arts Week in August as part of’s new sponsorship partnership with the festival. The current economic climate has hit many families hard and with household budgets tighter than ever, many children may not get the opportunity to attend an event like [...]
09 July 2009 - Stiri

Corporate Social Responsibility Awards has been shortlisted the Chambers Ireland’s President’s Awards for Corporate Social Responsibility 2009. Our International Community Outreach Programme is a finalist in the Best International CSR Programme category, and we are also being considered for Most Innovative CSR Project and the Outstanding Achievement in CSR awards. Our community outreach programme was launched in 2007 [...]
06 July 2009 - Stiri

Toys Delivered to Children’s Cancer Ward

More than 250 toys were delivered to the children’s cancer ward at Sveta Marina Hospital in Bulgaria last week by staff. The toys were donated as part of’s continued support and sponsorship of the ongoing improvement of the ward, which provides lifesaving treatment to 1000 children each year with blood and malignant diseases. [...]
25 June 2009 - Stiri

Charity Dinner Raises €35k for Kids with Cancer

Over 250 guests raised BGN 70,000 (€35,700) for Bulgarian children with cancer at last week’s sponsored “Good Hearts for Children’s Lives” gala dinner in Varna. has been working with Sveta Marina Hospital since late 2008 to help raise funds for the Children’s Oncology and Haematology clinic. The clinic specialises in treating children up [...]
19 June 2009 - Stiri

New Children’s Cancer Ward Officially Opens staff joined the families and doctors of Sveta Marina Hospital in Varna, Bulgaria last week to celebrate the official opening of the newly renovated children’s cancer ward. The clinic specialises in treating children up to 18 years old with blood and malignant diseases and had been in desperate need of repairs. Last year [...]
12 June 2009 - Stiri

Our Commitment to Sustainable Business Practices is committed to ensuring that our business practices minimise the impact of our activities on the environment. Our staff reduce their carbon footprint by cutting back on flights and travel where possible. We instead use webinars and web conferencing to communicate with our staff and partners around the globe. We cut back on printed [...]
11 June 2009 - Stiri reaching out to our communities…

South Africa’s International Community Outreach Programme works to provide relief and benefits to those most in need in the communities of our local offices.   The programme was set up in September 2007 in response to tragic flooding in north-east Bulgaria which killed eight people and devastated Tsar Kaloyan village. has more [...]
25 May 2009 - Stiri

American Ireland Fund Gala New York

The Taxback Group and our partner Concur supported the 34th Annual American Ireland Fund Gala event in New York on May 14th. The American Ireland Fund is one of the largest networks of people of Irish ancestry and friends of Ireland around the world. The organisation is dedicated to raising funds to support programs of [...]
22 May 2009 - Stiri Celebrates Europe Day in Bulgaria’s office in Varna, Bulgaria sponsored the “Friends of Europe” long-distance race last month in celebration of Europe Day. More than 100 students from eight local schools joined Czech Ambassador Martin Klepetko, Varna Mayor Kiril Yordanov, Deputy Mayor Kosta Bazitov, National Education Commission Chairman Nikolay Dzhagarov and local school headmasters for the race on April [...]
18 May 2009 - Stiri Sponsors Children’s Cancer Ward Renovations

Click here to read this article in Bulgarian. The Children’s Cancer Ward at Sveta Marina Hospital in Varna, Bulgaria is undergoing urgently needed renovations with sponsorship from The ward provides life saving treatment and rehabilitation facilities for 30 children with leukaemia and cancer as well as support for their families and loved ones. The [...]
17 November 2008 - Stiri

Corporate Social Responsibility Queries

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Meet our partners CSR Initiatives

Jack and Jill’s Children’s Foundation
We formed a partnership with the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation in early 2012.
Temple Street Children’s University Hospital
We are currently supporting Temple Street`s Pet Therapy initiative.
Sveta Marina Hospital
We have been working with the oncological ward in the Sveta Marina Hospital, Varna, Bulgaria since 2008.
Our Lady’s Hospital for sick children, Crumlin, Dublin
In the Summer of 2012, we started working with Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children, Crumlin, Dublin.
Enable Ireland O'Neill Centre, Kilkenny
We worked on a sensory garden for children at the O’Neill Centre which is the Enable Ireland base in Kilkenny.
CanTeen, Australia
CanTeen's mission is to support, develop and empower young people living with cancer. The team in our Sydney Office has carried out several fundraising activities for CanTeen Australia.