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Average Refund: $998

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When you work in Canada, between 15% and 29% income tax will be deducted from your earnings.

Canadian Tax Returns for Students

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If you are studying in Canada, whether you’re a Canadian student or an international student, we can file your tax return. Whether you paid tuition fees or income tax during the tax year we will ensure that you get back any applicable tax relief for your expenses.

At Taxback.com we:

  • Will ensure you get the maximum legal refund possible by including all applicable expenses (for example tuition fees, interest on student loans and medical expenses)
  • Offer a free tax refund estimation for all students in Canada
  • Look after students that are on co-op with Canadian employers
  • Will set you up with a free online account
  • Will help you track down your T4 forms

Can International Students in Canada claim a tax refund?

Yes, if you are an international student in Canada you may be due a tax refund at the end of the tax year.

In short, you may be due tax back if you overpaid income tax, Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) or Employer Insurance (EI). You may also be entitled to increase your tax refund by claiming expenses (such as tuition fees, medical bills and travel).

Useful Tax Info

Choose your province to see useful tax information about where you live

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Free, no obligation estimate of your Canadian tax refund.

Tax Refund Fee
Starting from CA$62.50 + handling fee per tax year.

Document Retrieval Fee
CA$20 + handling fee services, per document.

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The average Canadian tax refund is $998

Just arrived home after working in Canada on a temporary work and travel visa? Then now’s the time to apply for your tax refund! On average, our customers get an average Canadian tax refund of $998 – that’s enough for them to visit Canada again or perhaps go somewhere else! To save yourself the stress of filing your own Canadian tax return, use taxback.com as we are the Canadian tax experts. We can apply for your Canadian tax refund for you and make sure you receive the maximum legal tax refund possible, while you sit back and relax. So what are you waiting for? Get started today by using our FREE tax refund calculator to see how much tax you could get back!
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Useful Canadian Tax Facts

  • The Canadian tax year runs from 1st January to 31st December
  • Easily file your tax return online
  • It’s free to get a tax refund estimation
  • Each province in Canada has different tax laws
  • To file your Canadian tax return we'll need either your T4 or your final payslip
  • Expenses such as student loan interest, bus passes and tuition fees can all be included in your tax return
  • The average Canadian tax refund with Taxback.com is $998

We’ve Been Getting Canadian Tax Back Since 1996

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When it comes to getting Canadian tax back, we know what we’re doing. The best thing of all is that it’s free to find out what you’re owed. Our team of dedicated Canadian tax professionals know Canadian tax laws inside out so they can fill in all your tax forms and apply for your refund while you sit back and relax. We have been filing tax returns since 1996 so we are trusted by thousands of people every year to get their Canadian tax back.

Customer Corner

Leah Ketelaar, Student

I’m at the University of Toronto studying English & Drama and I work part time in a coffee shop. I got in touch with Taxback.com to file my tax return and they confirmed I was due a tax refund due to my fees and travel expenses. I got back $412 so I was really pleased.

19 December 2014

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