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Worked in Ireland, UK, Germany,
Austria or Netherlands?

Transfer your social and health contributions

U1/E104 form to certify your social and health insurance in Ireland and the UK

u1/e104 form to sertify social and health insurance icon

The U1 Form certifies the periods of social insurance and employment in the UK and Ireland and the E104 Form certifies the periods of health insurance when transferring health contributions between these countries and any other country in the EU or EEA (or Switzerland).

Under EC Regulations, if you leave any of these countries to live and/or work in another country, you may be entitled to receive unemployment, sickness or maternity benefits in any EU, EEA country (or Switzerland) you are moving to.

This will be taken into account when calculating your unemployment benefit in your destination country. It is also an excellent way to protect your social and health contributions and connect them to your country of permanent residence.

Important: If you wish to apply for a U1/E104 Form for the UK or Ireland, you must have ceased employment and left that country.


During the past three years you were employed in the UK for 12 months. So long as you were insured (employed) in an EU member state for an additional 12 months, social Insurance shall, on the basis of form U1, acknowledge the period of insurance abroad.

The total period of insurance is thus two years. You can apply for the U1/E104 Form for Ireland or the UK as long as you have ceased employment and left that country.

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