离开 Oz对于大多数人来说往往会令人感到悲伤,但有一件事会让您兴奋起来 - 您的养老金退款! 或许您离开澳大利亚大陆时最好的一件事情之一就是您的养老金退款。我们免费的养老金退款计算器能够在几秒钟内估计除您的退款数额。我们的平均养老金退款数额为AU$1,908,所以赶快查看您能得到的退款吧。



  • 仅需花费两分钟
  • 步骤清晰的界面t
  • 在线帮助支持
  • 免费的退税计算
  • 无任何义务



  • Customer Avatar
    It's my first so yes its great. Hustle on requirements but that's on our side. All the best, thank you!

    31 March 2022

  • Customer Avatar
    Everything perfect.

    01 March 2022

  • Customer Avatar
    Great Support, Very kind, High quality Professional interaction. Please keep doing the great work. Dedicated self service portal area to upload documents. Would appreciate if declaration as well could maintained online or support offline PDF document with save option at initial stage to estimate refund instead of sending out hard copies to avoid corrections.

    18 February 2022

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    This is a very good service. The Taxback team made it very easy and uncomplicated for me to access my tax back.

    14 February 2022

  • Customer Avatar and Nina Velikova are excellent in pursuing all your overpaid taxes - I can't recommend them enough for their professionalism and expert help.

    02 February 2022

  • Customer Avatar
    Not so fast service due to Xmas holiday but professionalism is one of their point and they respect it.

    10 January 2022

  • Customer Avatar
    Excellent! They make everything easy taking care of the whole process. Really great service. Trustworthy.

    01 January 2022

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    I was thankful to the one who assisted me as I process my tax refund. It was a great service. Keep it up

    18 December 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    Very good experience!

    03 December 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    Great experience. Nice approach from guys from Taxback.

    12 November 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    Good support from! Got my first tax assessment! by and it was really good experiences working with them.

    01 November 2021

  • Customer Avatar
    I'm satisfied about the work and the procedure; I was guided and well informed

    14 October 2021

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